The Factor That Keeps Students From Going To College

By: Arzoo Sultani
OwlFeed Journalist

College is not affordable for everyone. Not all students have money for college.

People around the world talk about how expensive colleges are, where most of the students don’t go to college because they can’t afford the money that it costs, so many students decide to work at low-end jobs like McDonald’s or Walmart instead of going to college. 

There are only 19.9 million students who are attending college this year. Since the expenses for education is getting higher, the number of students going to college is getting lower. 

Going to private colleges costs around $35,676 per year and state residents at public colleges costs around $21,629, and not all students can pay the cost. And it gets even higher every year.

“While there are a lot of intangible benefits of attending an institution of higher education, we should also expect that students are getting at least a minimum return on their educational investment,” said Micheal Itckowitz, a senior fellow at Third Way.

Students are working hard to get credit and scholarships so they can go to college. 

Applying for scholarships helps students to pay some of the college costs, but not everyone can get a scholarship. 

“Graduating from high school and going to college for four years is a waste of life, get rich or die trying,” said Jose Gallegos, a sophomore at Agua Fria.

 Colleges are extremely expensive and people who don’t have a premier job won’t go to college.

“Going to college is not necessary, it also takes longer to get a degree and have to pay more overall, nothing is handed to you,” said Jesus Arredondo, a sophomore at Agua Fria.

Photo Credit: Kevin Ritchie 

Students make more money and have more opportunities for a better career if they go to college.

A secure financial future is what Americans want to get by going to college, but the money that it costs is too high so people who are poor don’t usually go to college.

“College is a way to get your dream job, students should go to college because it’s a unique opportunity to learn and live independently,” said Ian Murphy, a teacher at Agua Fria.

College should be affordable for everyone to get an education, succeed in their career and get the job they deserve.