OPINION: Nickelodeon Reboots Are a Flop

By: Nasreene Gant
OwlFeed Journalist

Like a bad review for a sequel that everyone knew was never going to be good, I am here to tell you why Nickelodeon reboots are not my favorite.

As we all know, there are just some shows that you can’t remake, just like there are some movies that don’t deserve a sequel. Early Nickelodeon shows are just not something that you can re-make.

As an early 2000s baby and someone who likes to occasionally go back and watch all my favorite shows from childhood, I am not happy about Nickelodeon reboots.

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I mean it’s ridiculous how many old TV shows like ‘All That’ have been rebooted.

However, I do understand some of the circumstances that old TV shows are rebooted under. It could be that Nickelodeon has simply run out of ideas for shows to put in production or they have simply run out of time to come up with a new show.

“Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins said the decision to bring back ‘All That’ was done in part to reinvigorate the talent pipeline that he argues had dried up,” Tim Baysinger paraphrased on The Wrap.

Nickelodeon is quite obviously having trouble keeping its viewers with stiff competition from Netflix and other streaming apps.

“Viewership is down 18 percent compared with last year [2017]…” said Lesley Goldberg from The Hollywood Reporter.

I, for one, would have no problem watching an episode from an old childhood T.V show.

Though I can’t say it’s an entirely bad idea I can say it’s a very unsatisfactory one. I’m probably just being a drama queen but I hate the thought of seeing something that was so great be destroyed with something so modern.

The best part of going back and watching these old shows like “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is to experience that feeling of nostalgia. To feel like you just went back in time and you’ve been waiting all day for this one show, your favorite show, to start.

And I get it, the need to bring back something that did so well years before. I also get that there a bunch of new young actors and actresses waiting to make their mark on the world.

However, these reboots make me entirely sad and disappointed. It just isn’t the same as the original. It doesn’t possess the same qualities that had previously driven us to consistently come back to that same show.

They don’t make me want to hurry to go grab food during the break when a commercial is on.

It’s hard to say but it’s the truth, Nick reboots just aren’t the same and don’t capture people’s attention the same way anymore. Some things are just better untouched; in this case, it’s the original series that Nickelodeon decided to reboot.