OPINION: Shounen’s New Big 3, Downgrade or Upgrade?

By: Juan Espinoza
OwlFeed Journalist


The old Shounen Big 3 (most popular anime from the polls) shaped our childhood, however the new Big 3 lights a fire in our hearts with characters we can all relate to and amazing artwork.

But before I give my opinion, you must know the old Big 3 Consists of Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z while the new Big 3 has Boku No Hero Academia, Black Clover and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Disclaimer: I’m going off on some of the anime I write about in this story.

I’m going to start with the old Big 3 because, since they came out, I have personally never watched Dragon Ball Z and I wouldn’t include it in the 3. Instead, I would put Beserk in there.

Photo Credit: Quora.com

Devin Gardner is a fellow student here at Agua Fria and he feels like the old Big 3 is uninteresting and boring. He said, “DragonBall and One Piece are so repetitive to me. It’s just the same goal over and over again.”

However, not everyone feels the same. For me, Naruto was the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) being the anime that really taught me life lessons that I refer to on a daily basis.

Moving on to the new Big 3, I don’t care what people say, I think Black Clover is a remake of Naruto. Having thrown that out there, The Seven Deadly Sins definitely deserves the spot it has for having a great story that’s still ongoing. Then Boku No Hero Academia, in my honest opinion, is my favorite. With a character I can relate to and an amazing, funny and serious story that I can’t take my eyes off, this anime is overall amazing. If I was to replace one, it would have to be Black Clover because to me it’s a remake of Naruto. I would replace it with Demon Slayer which, by the way, is an amazing anime.

A friend of mine and a student at Agua Fria, Demitri Davis, agrees. “I’m honestly surprised that Black Clover is up there. If you think about it, it is a Shounen but it doesn’t feel the same as Naruto, One Piece or DragonBall… If I had the choice, I would remove Black Clover and replace it with another anime,” she said.

My overall opinion is that the older Big 3 really helped me in shaping my childhood and giving me something to look forward to after school while the new Big 3 is more relatable to my life right now and it excites me to see how they overcome problems that I have in my life as well.