Black Plague Cases Reported in China

By: Bernadette Negron-Taylor
OwlFeed Journalist 

Is the Black Plague, also known as the Bubonic Plague, back? 

Technically speaking it never left; it just died down enough to where people would not worry as much. With recent reported cases in China, could it cause an outbreak or will people just let it blow over like it is nothing?

The “Black Death” was the time on the occasion of the bubonic plague that was happening and killing people. “The Black Death is thought to have originated in the dry plains of Central Asia, where it traveled along the Silk Road, reaching Crimea by 1343. From there, it was most likely carried by fleas living on the black rats that traveled on all merchant ships, spreading throughout the Mediterranean Basin and Europe,” according to

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The fact the most of the news about the plague is not that well known should be concerning, due to the fact that it is very deadly and wiped out 50 million before. “Now, China says a third person has also tested positive for the plague. What makes this news even more troubling is that the man apparently had no contact with the other two plague victims,” according to

About 85 million families own a pet or pets. The plague is spread by animals, or from insect and/or flea bite. Also, there are many areas near humans where wild animals roam freely. 

The plague can spread to humans via wildlife, and contact with plague-positive animals like rabbits is a common avenue of infection,” said in

The idea of the bubonic plague spreading as it did in the past in horrifying and sickening for millions of people. “The thought happening is disgusting. Imagining it makes me feel like taking a whole bunch of showers,” said Mariama Camara, a freshman at Agua Fria High School. “I didn’t even know all of that, but I wouldn’t be able to handle that. And if my family got it and I had to leave them my life would be over. I don’t even know people dealt with this back then, that is so scary.” 

This just goes to show that not many people know much about the plague but when they hear the little things that are well-known it is still a scary thought. It’s not very well communicated through the bubonic plague is a very big deal and can very much go to anyone no matter who you are or where you are. The chances of getting the plague are still high for anyone, especially in forest areas or areas around wild animals.