China Is Torturing Muslims But No One is Talking

By: Amira Bouhout
OwlFeed Journalist

Recently, people have been shedding a light on what is going on in Xinjiang, China, home to over 10 million Muslims Uighurs (a minority Turkish group) and lately, where videos have surfaced originally on Twitter, showing what is going on inside these camps.

China has a closed-door policy which means that the media around the world has very little access to what goes on in China and that’s why this situation isn’t getting as much coverage as it should.

The man behind these Muslim camps is Zhu Hailun. “He was a key character for the Communist Party’s policies to control Southern Xinjiang,” said a Uighur businessman who wanted to remain anonymous when interviewed by APNews.

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Photo credit: The Guardian 

The situation in China with Muslims is frequently compared to the Holocaust with Jews. 

Now onto the details of what is actually going on inside these camps. According to APNews and other sources, Muslims are being forced to eat pork and drink alcohol which are things that go against their religion. Women are being raped, people are being tortured and murdered then their organs are used for organ harvesting, and children separated from their families. They are also being forced to convert to atheism, and chant Chinese patriotic songs, along with many other horrible things. 

“The guards picked out the prettiest girl…Told her to confess her ‘crimes’, she insisted she was a reformed person. But was ordered to remove her clothes – and was then raped repeatedly in front of about 200 men and women who were forced to watch,” said Sayragul Sauytbay, someone who claims they were made to witness what was inside those camps. 

There was also a “black room” in these camps where Sauytbay said, “The only place without cameras to monitor everyone – where devices ranged from electrocution equipment to batons, stun guns, and a hideous seat studded with sharp nails.” 

Many wonder why no one is talking. Why isn’t this getting any major news coverage? 

Well, the Chinese government views it as a form of “re-education” and claims that there aren’t any camps where violence is going on.

But recently, secret documents have been leaked revealing how China operates these camps. 

“They confirm that this is a form of cultural genocide,” said Adrian Zenz, a leading security expert for APNews. 

The documents show how China has a strategy with what they are doing and helps prove that what people claim has been going on in these camps, is actually happening. 

Since this is such a serious topic, it must be addressed and action should be taken by national leaders around the world, and by taking 10 seconds to acknowledge the situation, change can be made.