Riveting New Series ‘The Mandalorian’ Unleashes First Episode

By: Jared Diaz
OwlFeed Journalist

Disney+ delivered us the highly anticipated episode 1 for The Mandalorian. Let’s see how good the start of this show is from a galaxy far far away.


The start of the episode scarcely explains the setting of which planet the viewer is seeing. However, we are greeted to the Mandalorian, who is searching for his bounty.
Soon, the Mandalorian arrives at a bar where he sees his bounty being attacked by two bar contenders with one blaming the Mandalorian for spilling his drink when he entered the bar. The two contenders threatened the Mandalorian, however, they are quickly killed by him in an action-driven fight.
After he killed the two bar contenders and he gets his bounty once, he arrives with his bounty on his ship, then freezes said bounty in carbonite and he delivers him to his client. However, when the Mandalorian asks if there is a higher bounty than the ones he is usually given, his client sends him to meet the Client, an underground crime boss, who has a bounty that no one has captured yet.

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Riveting New Series ‘The Mandalorian’ Unleashes First Episode

Soon, the Mandalorian is on his way towards his bounty and soon arrives on the planet his bounty inhabits. In a quick turn of the plot, the Mandalorian is suddenly attacked by a creature called a Blurrg. However, he is saved by a traveler named Kuill.
Kuill explains that many bounty hunters have come to the planet in search of the exact same bounty he has come for, however, none have managed to make back alive.
Kuill decides to help the Mandalorian in his search but in exchange for the Blurrg, he will be riding to get to his bounty. Soon the pair arrives at a fortress where his bounty is residing, there the two meet the bounty droid named IG-11 who has also arrived at the fortress in search of the same bounty.
After the trio kills the scavengers guarding the fortress, they, in turn, enter the fortress and find a baby creature who looks very similar to the Jedi Grandmaster Yoda. Before IG-11 could kill the baby creature, the Mandalorian shoots him in order to save the baby and that ends Episode 1.
This episode really knows how to balance intense action and comedy very well. We get to see someone get shot and someone get cut in half but we also see the Mandalorian struggle to ride a Blurrg.
We also get to see the Mandalorian have a softer side. While he may be a bounty hunter, he isn’t 100% evil as we see him save the baby Yoda from IG-11 and he says, “Thank you” to Kuill after he taught him to ride a Blurrg.
This show quickly became an instant success after it’s release, with Gizmodo calling it “a gift from the Star Wars gods,” and New York Times calling it “peak T.V.”
Let’s hope this show can continue to succeed and show Star Wars at its best.