Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order Review

By: Juan Espinoza
OwlFeed Lifestyle Journalist 

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a Jedi in the Star Wars universe? Well, now you can! In the new game Jedi: The Fallen Order you can be one with the Force or one with the Dark Side!

The game was released on November 15, 2019, and is still going strong with people playing the game as well as enjoying the amazing story that goes along with it. 

Respawn Entertainment has a long line of first-person shooter games but this is a Hack n’ Slash (sword game) game that is very fundamentally (or should I say on the correct path) by making a fun game that any Star Wars fan can enjoy.

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The game follows Padawan (Jedi in training) and the force-sensitive being Cal Kestis as we see the aftermath of Order 66 and how the galaxy no longer has any Jedi order to protect it from the Dark Side. 

As the story moves forward we get to see the Hack n’ Slash-ness of the game but as we continue on one distinct fact comes out — this game is no easy adventure game for some kid, this is a game that will bring out your PTSD if you ever played the Dark Souls series.

“The game’s mechanics are exceeding my expectations and, a big bonus, it’s Star Wars,” fellow Agua Fria junior Cadien Leigh said. 

As for me, the mechanics are very flush and look astounding, especially when you’re in combat and fighting with your lightsaber as you slash a Trooper (Storm Trooper). Parkour in the game is very fluent to where it reminds me of Uncharted (a game famous for its parkour features) as you grab ledge to ledge hanging for life only to make it to a place your enemies can’t make it to and get some special loot for your trouble.

When it comes down to combat, the game quickly changes from adventure to hardcore, evasive movement, combo chains and surviving the enemy in front of you to fight the next. A fellow gamer and junior Korey Larson said, “It was a lot better than I thought it was just in terms of the combat mechanics. I thought it was going to be all janky and it’s probably the biggest praise I give the game for giving the adrenaline rush during combat.” 

Overall the game is a must if you’re a Star Wars fan and if you’re into hardcore adventure games.