OPINION: The Importance of Music

By: Carlos Johnson
OwlFeed Editor-In-Chief

“Without music, life would be a mistake,” said Friedrich Nietzsche, a 19th Century German philosopher.

Whenever you are in a bad mood and have no one to turn to, where do you go? If you need to focus on an upcoming test, how do you do it? If you need to let your creativity run wild, what would you turn to?

All of these problems and much more can be solved with one simple answer: music.

Personally, music has helped me in so many ways. There are so many messages and emotions, all underlined within a great beat. All of this helps you feel like you are not alone.

“You don’t feel alone when you listen to a song that you relate to,” said Hassan Sanchez, a senior on campus. He is also a music producer.

Everyone has felt some sort of loneliness, where we feel like nobody has ever felt what we have felt. With music, we can get rid of this ugly thought. Others have experienced the same things we have, and some people are lucky enough to show us through music.

“Seeing your thoughts put into lyrics and having a beat with it, you can really feel what I feel. I like writing about what I go through and showing it to other people,” Hassan said.

Music Story
Photo Credit: Time

There are so many different thoughts one single song can convey. There are also many different interpretations people can have on one singular song.

“It is the universal language. It speaks to the soul,” said Mr. Greenwell, a teacher on campus.

There are so many other ways to take advantage of music. When I have a big test coming, I plug in my headphones, and listen to music while I study. But be warned… Don’t listen to music that has lyrics that you know by heart! As a person that really gets into music and lip-syncing, that kind of music distracts me from studying.

Though this may be the case for me, other people may be okay with studying with lyrical music.

“You should listen to low tempo-music when you study,” said Ray Alade, a junior on campus. “I listen to a lot of Frank Sinatra music. That kind of music helps me a lot.”

Music also makes people feel things they have never felt before. Sometimes we feel joy, and get excited enough to get up and dance.

“Music is a groove. You feel groovy when you listen to music. It makes you want to dance,” said Ray.

Next time you get the opportunity to listen to music, take a moment and listen to the lyrics, and the beats that are made within the song. You may be able to find a greater appreciation for the music you listen to!