OPINION: Top 30 Vines In Honor of Vine’s 3rd Deathiversary

Lauren Mitchell and Raheemat Alade

As 2019 comes to a close, we near the third anniversary of Vine’s death on December 16th. Back in 2016, when everybody heard that the comedy app would be turning into a camera app, people went running to download the best Vines. Now, three years later, YouTube and Instagram still play them on loop. vine.png

Here’s our list of the top Vines, with a little help from Twitter… (Also they are all linked in the title, enjoy!)

  1. “LeBron James”

First, by Viner DARius, this simple video of his little brother saying NBA player, LeBron James’s name multiple times, is just a classic Vine. To adults, it may sound stupid but for some reason it’s just funny, especially when put behind other audios. 

  1. “Hi, my name is Tre and I have a basketball game to-mor-owwww”

Two years after it was posted on Vine, this blew up for no reason. This yet again, another weird video we think is funny but wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. YouTuber Jenna Marbles quoted this Vine all the time, allowing it to gain even more traction. 

  1. “Who am I? Let’s go to the beach, beach. Nicki Minjaj.”

Made by Cornib Bleau, there are no words for this beautiful Vine besides that it’s the name of multiple Nicki Minaj playlists by Spotify Users. 

  1. “When there’s too much drama at school, all you gotta do is… walk awayayay.”

This one is too relatable and a great pro-tip for students while giving a good laugh to the viewers as she sings that note perfectly. 

  1. Iridocyclitus” 

Previous to this Vine, no millennial had likely ever heard of this word, but now there is so much more meaning than the definition when they hear it. The video of Dev Jaiswal in the Scripps spelling bee in 2015 gave us more than just comedy, but knowledge too. 

  1. “Mother trucker dude, that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick.” 

It’s that kind of video where it’s so funny it’s unexplainable. The word buttcheek is just funny let alone, it’s like when you’re a little kid and you avoid profanity. 

  1. “Happy christhums. It’s chrismah. Merry chrisis. Merry Chrysler!”

During the holiday season, this Vine always spikes back up in popularity and with over 100 million loops on Vine, it is likely burned in the back of many Viners’ brains. There isn’t a year that goes by where I don’t hear someone, or I myself, quote this holiday favorite. 

  1. “What are those!?”

There are so many of these Vines, not just one can take this spot. Whether it be “my chanclas” or “my crocs,” we love them all. However, the one that started it all with that iconic voice will forever stay in the Vine hall of fame. 

  1. “‘Let me see what you have?’ ‘A Knife’ ‘No!’”

This should have been on America’s Home Videos because it is a classic parenting video where a kid is doing something outrageous. Honestly, it is pretty scary when you think about the knife and the fact that a child was running with it, but knowing that he is okay and away from the knife, makes it a good laugh to look back on.

  1. “Oh my god, I love Chipotle. Chipotle is my life.”

If this isn’t a mood, I don’t know what is. Anytime I go to Chipotle, I hear this kid’s voice in my head. Honestly, Chipotle should have already had this kid on an ad for their company. What a missed opportunity!

  1. “Wait a minute, who are you?”

Taken from the You On Kazoo video tape made in 1989, this Vine is technically not an original clip off Vine. However, after a short clip was posted on Vine, the popularity spiked and that one Vine caused thousands to watch the film of a young boy kazooing. 

  1. “‘What’s nine plus ten’ ‘Twenty-one’”

When this Vine hit the web by storm, it was like the two plus two equals fish joke. There was no going into a math class and not hearing at least one person say 21 similar to the boy. 

  1. “I didn’t get no sleep cause of y’all, now y’all not gonna sleep ‘cause of me.”

This memorable catchphrase taken from the reality TV show “Bad Girls Club” had hundreds of remixes and parodies that followed Tanisha Thomas’ hilarious sing-song voice being posted on Vine.

  1. “January, February, March, April, May, June, Jason Derulo.”

The video is so iconic it’s hard to explain why. Like everytime I listen to a Jason Derulo song I have always sang “jason derulo”  ever since.

  1. “Do it for the Vine, I ain’t gone do it…” 

It’s another one of those trends that skyrocketed on Vine with people singing the little tune with someone else dancing or doing any special talent afterwards. 

  1. “Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla.”

The way the chips fall seconds before he looks at the camera and does that face, it just makes me laugh every time. Not to mention the classic mispronunciation of ‘tortilla,’ this Vine is too much for this world. 

  1. “It’s an avocado… thanks.”

The reaction of the child when he got an avocado as a gift was amazing. You can see pure disappointment on his face, yet his sweet innocent voice makes it sound like it is all okay. 

  1. Peanut butter baby, “ah.”
Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

 Seeing a child covered in anything is funny anyways, but a child covered in peanut butter just hits differently. 

  1. Shluuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeuuuuee

The way he turns around and with his hoodie behind his ears is so funny and stupid. Anybody can recreate it and just laugh. 

  1. “A potato flew around my room before you came…”

Putting a photo on a ceiling fan and than singing “thinking bout’ you” by Frank Ocean is iconic. The little boy mistakes the lyric “tornado” for potato and it was a mistake that kept us laughing for days. 

  1. “Look at all those chickens.”
Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

The beauty of an innocent child. It makes my heart squeeze with joy as the camera pans to her, but then burst out into laughter as it’s just a bunch of geese in the background, not chickens. 

  1. “‘I’m in me mum’s car, vroom, vroom.’ ‘Get out me car!’ ‘Ahh.’”

Junior, Jalayzia Harrison said, “This is my favorite Vine because her accent makes it funny.” The Vine is just a little girl in the driver’s seat of her mom’s car pretending to drive but then her mom tells her to leave the car. 

  1. “Hi, welcome to Chili’s”

It’s just so random, how do you even describe it more than that? Someone bursting in the door, just to say that and in the most awkward stance. 

  1. “I’m John Cena! (plays recorders with nose)”

What a musical god?! How can one learn to play a recorder with their nostrils, and not just one, but TWO! That’s real raw talent.

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme
  1. “‘And they were roommates.’ ‘Oh my god, they were roommates.’”

The way the man repeated after the women is so funny and quotable. As there is no context of her conversation but he makes it seem so dramatic. 

  1. “I have the power of God and anime on my side. AHHHH!”

When it comes down to the best Vines, there is no explanation to their greatness, they just are great when you watch them. This is one of those Vines, where just watching the kid scream this to someone is beautiful. So I recommend you watch it. 

  1. “Country boy, I love you.”

Only the video itself can really tell you. It has caused for thousands of laughs and memes following her great quote. Also that noise she makes at the end is too funny. 

  1. Tied for the number two spot, “I could’ve dropped my croissant” and “fre sha vaca do
vine 2
Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

These two are both too great to choose which is better, even Twitter was split with a 50/50 vote. I guess it is up to you to decide which one you like more… 

Croissant: The scream made by guy who was scared is just hilarious and then he continues on to be mad about not being scared but the wellbeing of his croissant. 

Fresh Avocado: Why would Del Taco do that with their letters? Well thankfully they did so that this beautiful Vine could be made. Instead of fresh avocado we get this weirdly pronounced sentence that leave us laughing. 

  1. “Road work ahead… uh yeah, I sure hope it does” 

Made by Drew Gooden, this takes the cake in the number one slot. After watching it, it’s hard to pass by one of those road work signs and not quote it. By the time Vine shut down, this beauty had over 127,000 revines and over a million loops, but since Vine’s death, it has gotten way more traction as a meme. 

Forever in a loop, these Vines have never failed to make me and millions of others smile. It’s been a way of connecting people through a mutual love of this type of comedy. May the beloved app rest in peace, and never be forgotten.