Google Squares Up to Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro With Its VERY Similar Pixel Four

By: Jessalyn Guizar
OwlFeed Journalist

With Google releasing its new Pixel Four and Apple releasing its latest model of the iPhone, there has been quite a comparison to the new iPhone 11 Pro and the Pixel Four.

 The new design is what brings out the similarity between the two with the square camera element belted in neatly around the sides by a slick-looking aluminum band. This phone has 3 cameras, just like the new iPhone 11 and a glass background in colors white, black and limited edition orange.

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 “While we’re making some big changes, we’re also trying to keep some things and bring some things that we thought were fun and successful from the past,” said Google’s vice president of hardware design, Ivy Ross on People magazine in an article called “Google Pixel’s New Design.” 

“And the other thing that we worked really hard on is making sure that all of the colorways look great together as a family,” Ross said. “When they are all presented together, there’s a really nice rhythm and feel to everything so there’s not someone thing that just sort of sticks out in an odd way,” 

The design took its own way of creating a sleek look that keeps it nice and classy.

The iPhone, on the other hand, for many years has been known for its very high-quality display and glass back. Apple says the iPhone 11 will last for an hour longer on its battery than the iPhone XR, which already has tremendous battery life. As for the Google Pixel, they have upgraded on battery life up to fourteen hours in battery life and higher quality in-app usage. Customers that have switched from a google pixel and moved to an iphone has had a better experience with the iphone “they have improved on the appearance and is improving in general with the storage and battery life, “ said Sarah Payne on yahoo

 These two companies have improved in their appearance and display, but are very similar to each other but overall they both wanted to create something to take on the next level. 

The new Pixel was designed as the new push start for the Google company phones, and the iPhone 11 was designed to improve on last year’s XS and XR. 

 In all, both companies work very hard on creating a new phone design every year to draw in more customers for what’s next to come and every time there is a major interest in what new invention is being brought to the table.