Are “You” Still Watching? Season 2


Beth Dubber/Netflix


Fabian Palomera, OwlFeed Journalist


Joe Goldberg and Love, a crazy story about two who fell for each other and the world couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Netflix aired season 2 of the show “You” (that was previously streamed on Lifetime) on December 26 after the first season went insanely viral across all social media platforms.

To explain the plot in simpler terms, a man moves to Los Angeles in order to escape his messy past which included murder. He falls in love with someone named ‘Love’ but after attempting to change, he only goes back to his killer ways and tries to hide it from her, only to find out that she’s just as crazy as him, if not crazier.

The new season consisted of an almost entirely new cast.

“I did like ‘You’ season 2, I find those types of shows very interesting,” said Ashley Hardy, a senior here at Agua Fria. “Considering how hard it is to keep the plot going I like how they added the new character ‘Love.’ Her character added a new and interesting dynamic to the show.”

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

In the past season, Joe Goldberg murdered one of his lovers and attempted to kill another in the name of true love and some viewers believed that it would go the same way this time around but the audience was in for a spin.

“I definitely assumed that to keep the show interesting there was going to be a different ending but I wasn’t expecting ‘Love’ to be as crazy as she was or as crazy as Joe,” said Jagger Guerena, who is also a senior here at Agua Fria, “It did make the show more interesting. I will definitely be watching season three because of this.”

Guerena was not the only one who enjoyed the show. “I love it, I love it, the ending is such a great plot twist,” said Simone Petree, a senior at Agua Fria. “I also really enjoyed the character development throughout the show. You get to see two sides to every person.”

As previously mentioned the show first aired on Lifetime and the love for it remained dormant until it was placed on Netflix December 26 of 2018. At this time it was projected that the first season was streamed by over 40 million people within the first month.

Once memes hit Twitter, it was only continuous exposure for the show which of course led to the hype for the second season.

Despite airing in late December the second season also led to memes that lasted all the way to mid-January. One can only imagine what twists are to come in season 3, which has been announced to air in 2021.