This Is Just The Veganning: Considering Becoming A Vegetarian?


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Amira Bouhout, OwlFeed Journalist

Ever considered becoming a vegetarian? I’m here to inform you of the lifestyle, debunk some of the biggest myths and tell you the biggest health benefits so you can consider making a change with your lifestyle.

Nowadays, becoming a vegetarian has become a huge trend and every day you see more and more people changing their diet.

First off, there is a big difference between being a vegetarian and vegan. Both diets consist of not eating any meat or fish but the biggest difference between both diets is, vegetarians may still continue to eat eggs and dairy products.

Health benefits that come with the vegetarian diet: you’re going to be more active and energetic. Living off a plant-based and a clean diet will provide your body with more antioxidants and fiber, keeping your body clean, especially your stomach, and producing more energy.

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Studies have also shown that following a vegetarian diet reduces the chances of developing various types of cancer and diseases.

“Since I’ve been vegetarian I’ve been feeling better overall, I don’t feel as lazy or weighed down all the time,” said Kendal Davit, a junior here at Agua Fria.

“When I stopped eating meat, I had more energy, lost weight, my skin cleared up, and I noticed after every meal I was satisfied and didn’t feel weighed down,” said Tyanna Timms, a former student at Agua Fria.

Another reason a lot of people decide to become a vegetarian is that there are a lot of environmental benefits.

Producing meat uses a lot of water — showering for roughly two months uses up less water than a pound of meat. The meat industry is also one of the main producers of carbon dioxide.

When you become a vegetarian you help preserve precious land resources and decrease animal cruelty because you aren’t buying meat that was produced by huge corporations that house hundreds of thousands of animals in poor and unhealthy conditions.

“It was definitely hard at first to stop eating meat but now I don’t even think twice about it,” Kendal said.

“Being vegetarian becomes normal and it’s really good, contrary to the belief that all we eat is leaves,”  Tyanna said.

Before making such a big change it is good to know if there are any negatives, right?

“The only negative is that if you rely on eating out, you’ll find that meals get repetitive,”  Tyanna said.

One of the biggest myths is that building muscle is hard when you’re a vegetarian and you don’t get enough protein. In reality, a lot of vegetarians get their protein from nuts, eggs, beans, oats, green vegetables. And there are still many other options.

After doing the research I’ve done and talked to people that are vegetarians, there are way more positives than negatives and you should definitely consider making the change for your well-being and also for the Earth.