Astrolodrama! Students Pick the Top 5 Zodiac Signs

Astrolodrama! Students Pick the Top 5 Zodiac Signs

Bernadette Negron- Taylor, OwlFeed Journalist 

What are the zodiac signs? Zodiac signs are astrological signs. Astrology is mostly regarded as pseudoscience. It is not uncommon nor unexpected for people to question how much is true about the signs or if they should be trusted.

It is most common to see zodiac signs for fun. For the most part, people find it interesting or fun to see what they can relate to when it comes down their own signs or their friends’ signs They like to see what is similar to the actual personality of that person based on their signs basic traits, or see if they have anything in common with someone with the same zodiac sign.

“I am not really big on astrology, but I do sometimes look at stuff for the fun of it just to see what other people have to say about my zodiac sign,” said Anabeatrize Jurado, a freshman at Agua Fria.

Certain signs are favored. Going by what is most commonly said by the students here at Agua Fria High School, voted best for 1 to 5. Number 1 to 5 is Sagittarius, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Gemini.

Starting at number 5, Gemini are most known for being very fake and/or two-

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faced. But one of the many things they are liked for is being extremely independent and not being an easy target. They are considered interesting because of the way their mood can be changed so fast depending on their surroundings and the people around them as well.

The most common reason for Gemini’s to be ranked at 5th is because of the fact that many people know or have lots of friends who are Gemini.

Ranking at number 4 are Scorpios. Scorpios are known to be mysterious, but love the limelight as well. Some of them can be thought to be loners, but most of the time they just like to enjoy nice and quiet time by themselves. People who have a Scorpio, as a friend, and some Scorpios themselves, say that a relationship with them itself is kind of a love/ hate relationship, and it balances out pretty well.

On the high podium at number 3 are Cancers. Cancers are very well known for their emotions, being highly imaginative, and their loyalty to the ones they care about. They are known for many things. It can be kind of confusing if you look into astrology often because the things said about them are all over the place. The facts on them go from them being the most caring people you know to one of the most manipulative people you can have in your life. Cancers are seen as a very contradicting sign.

Most Cancers hate the so-called “tendencies” they have because of their sign. “Most of it is untrue, like us being cry babies. I mean, of course, I do cry sometimes, but nowhere near as much as they do as cancers,” said Kyra Caldwell, a freshman at Agua Fria. “The thing I agree with the most on is that we are kind of just chilling, we don’t have much to do with others, we are just out here vibing.”

Ranking number 2 is Aries, which is no surprise there because of how commonly they are talked about. They are very loved for their good energy and being so active. It is not uncommon to see an Aries playing two or more sports.

Aries are very passionate, motivated and are confident leaders who know how to build a strong community.

Sagittarius has won for spot number 1. They are extroverted and optimistic, which is probably why people love them so much. It is always a good idea to surround yourself with positive things and Sagittarius very much have that vibe about them.

A fun fact is that in astrology there are considered to be 12 zodiac signs, and a questionable 13th. The questionable 13th is called Ophiuchus.

It is very common for people who are really into astrology to use their zodiac as a reason for the actions they make.