‘Weathering With You’ Rains In Theaters


Juan Espinoza, OwlFeed Journalist

Weathering With You hits theaters and hearts in an amazing way with such a tear jerking movie. It is no wonder why so many people like it.

Well if the movie was made by Makoto Shinkai it has to be on par with his other work like 5 Seconds Apart, Your Name, Garden Of Words and many more.

The movie takes us to Tokyo, Japan, during an unending rainstorm, just the perfect setting for a sad movie. 

The story follows Hondaka Morishima as he tries to survive modern Japan as a 16-year-old teenager with no money or job and nobody wants to hire him because he has no ID, everything looks like rock bottom for him until he meets the “Sun Shine girl” and everything quickly changes.

When I heard Weathering With You was set to premiere January 17, 2020, I preordered my tickets immediately to go see the movie and I do not regret it.

天気の子 Pittsburgh

On the day of the movie I was in the theater waiting for the movie to start and the room was empty or at least I thought so. Two minutes before the movie started a wave of people entered the theater in a rush to get to their seats. At that point the film began.

Chris Torres, a sophomore here at Agua Fria, after watching the movie said, “It made me tear up a little bit and the characters and how they interacted with each other really made the story that much better.”

When It comes to sad anime movies Makoto is the way to go, sure there are other animators out there but when it comes to making a person emotional he’s the one.

Beto Medina, a sophomore at Agua Fria agrees. “The movie was enough to make me emotional but compared to his other movie this one was easier to process,” he said.

Continuing on if you’re trying to get into animation movies and don’t want to watch something that’s all action and no plot then Weathering With You is a good place to start off. It’s a movie that has an amazing plot with a little action on the side to appeal to other audiences.

In the end, Weathering with You was such a good movie that it received a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Makoto will not let you down.