Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ Is NOT So Yummy


Tya Maestas, OwlFeed Journalist 

Justin Bieber, a pop star since 2010, came out with a single to start off the year. This release was called ¨Yummy¨  and came out January 3, 2020. All listeners have very mixed feelings about this new song.

Many of Justin’s ¨Beliebers¨ are in love with this new song. However, there are some people who aren’t enjoying the song as much.

Ever since our generation was young, Justin Bieber was the top singer for us considering his first viral song was ¨One Time,¨ which was number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was in 2009 when our generation was younger and most females had the biggest crush on him.

This raised the question, after the evolution of Justin Bieber, have Bieber fans stayed loyal or have they faded away from Justin?

Bieber’s song ¨Yummy¨ was released three days into the new year. This dropping seemed to set the whole vibe for the new year. Considering this was his first single in three years this was a huge deal.

Bieber’s song revolves around his wife Hailey Bieber, who he married on September 13, 2018. The song expresses his love for her and many fans either could or couldn’t relate which could be a major fact of others reactions.

 Picture Credit: Entertainment Times

Raylyn Parra, a freshmen at Westview High School, said, ¨I´ve been a fan since I was little,¨ which means to us she was once a Bieber fan and loved all his music. Raylyn is known by her friends to be very social, kind, and honest. She then explained that the song would be ¨better if it wasn’t all about his wife.”

While on the other hand there are many people who praise this song saying it’s ¨cute that he ́is expressing his love for his wife¨ expressed by the youtuber Gabriella Payne and also twitter comments expressed this as well. Many top creators are even pushing this song like David Dobrik who is a top YouTuber with lots of following. Dobrik did a whole video about Justin´s new song.

Justin also collaborated with TikTok to put his single out even more. This is where Raylyn first heard the song. As a freshmen attending Westview, she is very social and well known. This was a good tactic used by Justin because TikTok is targeted for the younger crowd and will get his music out there faster.

Twitter was also blowing up with a post by Justin saying ¨play my new song as a night time alarm, fall asleep to it.¨ Many people were saying this was desperate and Justin seemed to really be pushing the song way too much.

¨Yummy¨ has mixed opinions and many people love it and many people said there can be improvements in the song. This honestly just depends on your own taste of music. Do you like the song?