OPINION: Elizabeth Warren is a Manipulative Liar


Rian Cameron, OwlFeed Opinion Editor

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 presidential candidate, has proven herself to be a manipulative liar throughout electioneering and has taken it one step further by accusing Bernie Sanders of being outright sexist.

Once both politicians’ histories are examined it is clear to anyone that Warren will do anything and step on anyone to get what she wants.

At the most recent Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders was asked about an accusation Warren made against him. She claimed he had told her he didn’t believe a woman could be president. After Sanders swiftly declined the allegation, the moderator turned to Elizabeth Warren and asked, “Senator Warren, what did you think when Senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?”

The moderator took an outstandingly clear stand on the matter by completely disregarding Bernie Sanders’ self-defense and essentially reaccusing him through the phrasing of this question. Warren smirked and said, blatantly, “I disagreed.”

Sanders has been a defender of gender equality all throughout his time as a politician. Even now he is one of the most liberal Democrat candidates on gender equality issues, advocating for access to healthcare and the protection of reproductive rights. He even fights battles that are borne purely of the imagination, such as the wage gap.

Photo Credit: Washington Times

It seems, though, that Sanders forfeited all of these heartfelt convictions for a brief moment in 2018 to tell Senator Warren that the notion of a woman, such as herself, becoming president was a laughing matter.

That settles it. He is a liar and has been trying to win over the people’s vote by portraying himself as an advocate for women. If Elizabeth Warren says so, it must be true. Believe all women, right?


Warren has a dark history of deceit spanning from near-believable lies about her upbringing and financial situation to stunningly outrageous claims about her nationality.

Elizabeth Warren declared herself of Indian heritage and has been using it to get ahead.

According to The Hill, “documents show she listed herself as ‘American Indian’ on a Texas Bar registration card in 1986. In 1997, she was named Harvard’s first woman of color by the Fordham Law Review. In 2010, Warren told a story of racism and discrimination within her own family.”

Warren exhibits a sick pattern of lying to the masses and gaining from it. She attempted to prove her Cherokee origins with a DNA test and it showed that she was only 0.1% Native American.

Agua Fria senior Jake Swartwood finds that Warren’s accumulating lies kill her credibility. “It shows that she will do anything to win the people’s vote,” he said.

I am no feminist by any means. I hardly support Bernie Sanders in any of his efforts as one. However, regardless of our multi-varying preferences on the basis of political stances and decisions, we can all agree on one thing: Elizabeth Warren is toxic to the current political climate now, and she would be toxic to the country as a president.

Jake critiques the notion that anyone should use their status as a minority to gain leverage in the presidential race. “Just be open and honest with the people you want to lead and don’t make stuff up. I don’t care if you are female or male, if I like your policies, I’ll vote for you,” he said.

The first female president ought not to be a disgrace. The only way to avoid such a travesty is to keep people like Elizabeth Warren out of office.