The Robots Are Coming for Our Jobs


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Arzoo Sultani, OwlFeed Journalist

Does anyone know if human jobs will be replaced by robots in the future?

Well, scientists do depend on robots more than humans because robots don’t make mistakes like humans do. Robots are flexible and able to do almost any kind of work, which makes humans unable to compete with robots.  

People’s jobs are in big danger with the robots that will be available in the future. This could be scary because working is the only way of earning money and sometimes, exercise for some people. If people are replaced by robots then many families will lose the income that they get to work hard for.

According to Interesting Engineering, “Companies like Boston Dynamics are making literal leaps and bounds in this area, however, other humans-like robots are also working on simulating human facial  expressions and copying human hand dexterity.”

There are high technologies in the U.S and every day, the technologies are increasing. Scientists are trying to create more machines that can do anything just like humans, which might make problems for humans in the future.

Now, technologies are a big part of humans’ life and are at a high level taking over the world. 

Will people let robots take their jobs away? Are robots harmful?

Most people prefer to be replaced by robots than other humans as if they are going to lose their jobs one day.

The team found that people rated robots as less threatening to their self-identity than human replacements in a job setting. They asked questions about which type of replacement would make someone feel more devalued, raise more doubts about themselves, or make them question their own abilities,” said Armin Granulo at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

Are robots harmful?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Robots are the machines that are controlled by their operators and they do just as it is ordered to them. Robots don’t take responsibility as humans do. Sometimes robots can be harmful, especially when they get out of control.

Robots do not have the capacity to think or understand the difference between good or bad things, so it’s hard to depend on machines that just take orders.

According to Interesting Engineering, “With all the fears of the coming robot-AI age, most humans have felt safe knowing that they could never supplant humans in the arts. But this unit has other ideas. It appears that they are even superior to human beings when it comes to creating works of art. With such progress being made, there will be very little left for humans to actually do with their time.”

Robots are machines that not only look like humans but also do more than what humans do in the workplace. This process could replace humans and change the world of work easily.