Tips to Avoid Spring Break Boredom


Photo Credit: Tya Maestas

Tya Maestas, OwlFeed Journalist

Spring Break, a time all students are counting down too. Everyone is mentally stressed with classes, and many just are looking forward to a long break to relax. Some students have their own part-time job and many just attend school. No matter what kind of student you are, we all get bored and won’t ever admit it but we end up missing school.

Junior Sanai Meytoer has a part-time job at Chick-fil-a and is in all honors and AP classes. Sanai explained her schedule. “It’s very stressful because I’m busy all the time and just need a break sometimes,” Sanai said. On a normal day to day, Sanai is overworked with homework and on her weekdays she has shifts that are the longest. 

No student ever realizes how much a basic school day keeps us all entertained and on our feet until we are stuck at home doing absolutely nothing, or just watching YouTube, waiting for a text back, entertaining ourselves with Tik Toks, Snapping our friends, and posting on social media.  

Sanai claimed to “sleep a lot, hang out with friends, catch up on work, and if I’m lucky go out of town with my family,” which seems like all typical teenage activities during these breaks. 

After taking a random poll about student activities during break, many students either stay home, play video games, go to eat and or very few go on big vacations with their families. 

However, everyone wants to have fun during these breaks but not everyone has their parents’ approval to go do anything they would like to do. Some kids’ parents are even so strict they won’t even let them out of the house with friends. The majority of students don’t even have the money to just go out all the time so here are a few ideas for your break this year. 

Photo Credit: Tya Maestas

When it comes to spending little to no money and still having a fun time this is where simple activities which cost little money just to keep anyone occupied come in handy. For example:

  1. Sleepovers: invite friends to your house/their house and binge watch an interesting show! 
  2. Photoshoots: either with friends or by yourself take some pictures and post or just keep them for yourself. 
  3. Spending time with your family: something many teenagers don’t even care about doing anymore which is very important and sometimes even interesting. 
  4. Movies: go watch a new movie with friends or family! 
  5. Making crafts: go on Pinterest and look up some interesting DIYs. 
  6. Going to eat with friends: just going to a cheap fast food restaurant is very fun just because you’re with friends and get to have some memorable times. 
  7. Lastly, over break what you can also do is focus on your mental health. Just by lighting a candle, relaxing, and doing anything that calms you down can change everything. School is very stressful and especially because everyone has their own personal struggles that can cause a blurry mindset. Being a high school student can be very hard itself and just taking time to debrief can help so much.

No matter how much money is spent or what you have planned to break everyone deserves a time to relax and not think about school. Take your own time and relax for once. Have a great break this year!