A Look On How In-State Is The Better Financial Choice

A Look On How In-State Is The Better Financial Choice

By: Oumou Bah-OwlFeed

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Once those teenage years hit, the first thing a teen wants to do is to dip out of their parents’ home. However, with no way to provide themselves with food and shelter, they sulk around, throwing fits here and there, waiting for the opportunity to get into an out-of-state college that is at least two plane rides away from home.

Although that sounds like a thrilling idea, students do not realize that college costs a great load of money, especially with all the book supplies essential for classes, the tuition for college, and the cost to live in dorms.

Altogether those expenses come out to a hefty amount, and student loans is definitely not something that you want to fret about. So students, before you decide to apply to those out-of-state colleges, stop, take a deep breath and realize that staying in-state cost so much less then flying out to Columbia or Stanford.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of public vs. private and in-state vs out-of-state.

College In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition On Campus Room & Board Book Supplies Total In-State Total Out-of-State
Maricopa County

Community College (Public)

$1,944 $7,728 $5,724 $1,264 8,932 14,716
Arizona State University (Public) $9,343 $23,136 $9,782 $1,040 20,165 33,958
University of Arizona (Public) $9,388 $26,380 $9,714 $1,000 20,102 37,094
Grand Canyon University (Private) $17,000 $17,000 $7,600 $4,200 28,800 28,800
Arizona Christian University


$22,230 $22,230 $9,890 $1,200 33,320 33,320

So before you try to jump onto doing those out-of-state college applications, ask yourself…Do you want to be $8,000 in debt or $20,000?