Gifted Club Seeks to Enrich Students Further


By: Sarah Loya, Bianca Ibuado

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Are you a gifted student? Well here’s a perfect opportunity for you! Ms. Johnson has opened up a new enrichment club for students that have taken the gifted test and qualified for the gifted program. Ms. Johnson runs this club in addition to the gifted Advisory.

She said she opened up the club because she noticed they didn’t have enough time during Advisory. Her solution was to create the gifted club to allow for more enrichment opportunities.

The club meets on Tuesdays and gets together to plan field trips.

”The club’s focus is on pursuing cultural activities throughout Phoenix that would offer us enrichment and new learning opportunities,” Ms. Johnson said.

The president of the club is Dillon Roehler, the vice president is Daniel Lopez, the secretary is David Garcia, the treasurer is Savannah Heller, and the historian is Zaven Ochoa, all of whom are in the gifted Advisory.

Roehler says that he joined the club “to try new experiences and to generally have a fun time with people that I know.”

Evelyn Davalos, a club member, says that she hopes to “…get to know why [she’s] different.”

The club is new but is improving and growing every time they meet.