Grand Theft Auto Diamond Heist Update Overview

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

Juan Espinoza , OwlFeed Journalist

Rockstars 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V is still wildly popular, even in 2020. And with its new update, The Diamond Casino Heist, the flame is back and players are rushing back to the classic just to play the update.

The update was released on December 12, 2019, around the time the game was dying, but, as soon as the trailer came out for this update, game servers packed up with players so fast that the game itself lagged.

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

But, Rockstar was on it immediately and the problem was patched up and finally, the Diamond update worked and players loved it. It was amazing. Finally, a method to make without buying shark cards (using real money on in-game items).

The only downsides to the update are the downloading time speed and you have to buy an arcade in order to start the heist which costs around 1 million dollars and more for higher quality arcades.

But in the end, the money can be made back in about one or two heists. Because the amount of money you could make is so good it finally gave players hope that the game was no longer pay to win.

Fellow Junior Hector Ramirez said, “Yeah the update is definitely profitable, but that’s if you put the time in with the setup and whatnots. You could make enough money to buy anything you want basically.”

Money isn’t the only thing. What is the thing that all GTA players hate? LOADING TIME. Yes, everybody who’s ever played GTA, old and new generation of consoles, understands the amount of time it takes to load the game is excruciatingly slow.

However, unlike other heists, the Diamond Heist preps are in freemode (lobby of a game where someone can do anything) so there’s no loading time for them and you can do them back to back and quickly knock them out.

They can be done in one hour without the loading time, compared to normal loading time which is like three to four hours.

A senior at Deer Park High School, Trenten Valdez, said, “It’s good that the setups are in freemode, you know, and if you have a few people you can do them fast and do the heist in about 40-50 minutes.”

In conclusion, the Diamond Casino Heist is one of the best updates to come to GTA since it was released in 2013 and it is one of the easiest ways to make a lot of in-game money.