Leader of the award winning Band of Owls

By: Alan Agundez Castillo  (Find me at @OwlFeedAlan)

photo 3Mr. Vezey has been interested in music since he was a toddler. He has had experience with music his whole life from playing piano and the trombone to singing in choir.                                                     

If you all don’t know, Mr. Vezey is the band director and choir teacher here at Agua Fria.

Mr. Vezey went to Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor of Music degree. He always knew that he wanted to do something with music, but it wasn’t until the summer of his junior year that he knew he wanted to become a teacher.

“I had just been hired as a junior counselor in a band camp, and after I graduated from high school I went back and I really had a good experience,” Mr. Vezey said.” It was photo 1also a point of time where I had to make a decision because if I wanted to study music, I would have to start getting ready for auditions.” Ever since then, he had wanted to become a band teacher.

For many teachers, their jobs and their interests have impacted their life in many ways. Mr. Vezey, everything about his life has involved music from his career, friends, and family. “I mean everything I have done has involved music, I have met my friends through music, I have traveled to a lot of cool places because of music,” he said.   

Even though Mr. Vezey is well known in the performing arts community here in AFHS, he is not well known throughout the campus and he hopes to become more known and more involved with the school.

IMG_9687It is also a special year for the marching band because there are a lot more freshmen this year and it is exciting for him to see their growth in the upcoming years.

He has advice for the upcoming freshmen next year if they want to join marching band. “Well they gotta hit the ground running and to not be afraid to ask questions,” he said. “Be flexible and be excited to learn.”

When asked about what it means to #BeAnOwl, Mr. Vezey said: “Be excited to spread the joy of the Agua Fria campus. Spread positivity about Agua Fria. Be excited to be an Owl and getting others to be excited about being an Owl.”