My Experience Watching ‘The Other Side of Brahms: The Boy II’


Photo Credit: PosterSpy

Arzoo Sultani, OwlFeed Journalist

We all have seen so many horror movies over the years, but have you seen “The Boy II”? 

I hadn’t either until I watched it on February 21. 

The movie is about a young family who moves to the Heelshire’s residence, where terror strikes when the son of the family discovers a doll named Brahms that appears to be eerily human. This movie looks cool and creepy from its trailer which made me even more excited! 

Before watching the movie I thought that this was one of the most promising horror movies to be released in 2020.

Photo Credit: PosterSpy


The first movie was released on January 22, 2016, which was an immediate favorite movie for many people. The movie was about a woman getting a job as a nanny to an eerily human doll. At the end of the movie “the boy” who lives inside the walls for a long time then comes out of the walls and terror ensues. The movie itself got around 78 million views in the first 24 hours.

According to The Global Coverage, “The first movie made such an impact on the horror movie genre, as dolls were quite uncommon to use as a source of horror. The Boy was financially a success to the makers, grossing about $64 million. But the critics and mixed reviews were welcomed as well for being too jumpscare-ish and having a familiar storyline.” 

Can’t wait to see! My thoughts before watching:

I’ve seen the first one and counting the time for the second one to see. I will be going to watch this movie with my friends. What about you? Have you seen the first one? Would you want to know about the second part of this cool movie? 

Here it comes! The day I’ve been waiting for. I’m with my friends going to the movie theater to watch The Boy II movie, follow along to know about this dramatic movie that left people speechless by its first movie.

Wow, it looks pretty scary!

After seeing the movie, I was terrified. I don’t know how to explain…

It wasn’t like what I expected, I thought it would be ok to watch it, but please if you are planning to watch this movie, do not bring children with you. They won’t be able to watch even a single part of it. 

The doll in the movie was just a doll, nothing else, the real villain that was living inside of the walls and haunting the family was Brahm (Heelshire Mansion) who was from a wealthy family. 

The story started when Jude, the smallest member of the family, found a doll buried underground. The family unbeknownst to the fact the doll would bring an evil to their house, especially when the boy obeyed the doll and acted strangely. The mother (Katie Holmes) had a bad feeling about the doll and did not want her son to get very close to the doll. Brahms was forcing Jude to be different and to protect him in front of his family, especially his mom because she did not like the doll and wanted to get rid of it somehow. 

Jude’s acts were insane and realistic when he was controlled by the doll.

The movie was the best I have ever seen. Every single part of it was full of fear and screaming. To be honest, my hands were shaking. I don’t want children to be scared like I was.

All the characters played their roles just awesome. Everything looked real and really scary. 

This movie has not only affected the people who are watching it, but also on the actors and actresses that are doing the movie.

Katie Holmes talked about her character in the movie. She said, “My character is a mother who’s gone through a traumatic experience, and so we go to the country to sort of heal. She is starting to feel very uneasy because of the influence of this doll on my child. In the process of trying to heal, he’s getting more and more terrified. And I felt like that was very relatable for parents. It was a challenge.”

The movie is just amazing, so buy the tickets and don’t forget to take friends with you.