Meet Mr. Warner

By: Bianca Ibuado

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Meet Mr. Warner, t20151021_142329he art teacher here at Agua Fria High School. He’s been working at Agua Fria for 31 years and actually attended this school for four and a half months during high school. He runs multiple clubs and is the coach for wrestling, archery, track and cross country.

When he was in high school he played multiple sports including baseball, football and wrestling.

He has a bunch of interesting hobbies like art, building and fixing old cars and motorcycles, hiking, fishing, hunting, and his favorite hobby: archery.

Mr. Warner does archery hunting in which he shoots elks with arrows. He’s basically a male Katniss Everdeen. His biggest achievement with hunting was the time he shot and killed a buffalo that was running across the I-40 freeway and endangering people.

Mr. Warner has taught Arizona history, American history and all the arts. He said he likes “the interactive relationship you get with students. I like most of all when the inspiration clicks on in their brain and you can see it in their eyes and I’m like they got it and they’re seeing things differently in the world.”

When describing what he liked most about Agua Fria Mr. Warner said, “And I don’t think people, unless you’ve been here, get the family aspect of Agua Fria,”  

That’s a fact about Agua Fria I’m sure many people can agree with.