How To Make Your Own Face Mask To Stay Safe


Photo Credit: New York Times

Bella Tarzia, OwlFeed Media Editor

By now I am sure that all of you have heard of the current global situation. The Coronavirus has taken over the entire world. It is spreading fast, it has infected over a million people and has killed thousands. 

The best thing you can do right now is to stay inside and social distance yourself from others. But on the occasion that you have to go outside, the CDC recommends that everyone should wear protective face masks. 

Right now it can be pretty hard to find any type of medical mask, as N95s are sold out everywhere and so are disposable surgical masks. Even medical professionals are having a hard time finding the protective gear that they need to wear to work every day. 

Photo Credit: Sydnee Messerschmidt

Wearing a mask is a very simple yet effective way to stay safe as it is very effective in trapping droplets from your coughs and sneezes from getting to other people. 

On the contrary, social distancing has inspired people to do things that they never had before from trying new recipes to painting and even finding creative ways to make their own protective face masks. 

With a little help from the internet, I have come up with a few ways you can make a protective anti-Corona face mask at home!

First things first, there is the traditional bandana. What was once used for fashion and protection from dust can now be used to protect you from the virus. Many people are just taking a regular old bandana and tying it around their necks making sure it is tight and covers your nose and mouth. Using a bandana as a mask is as simple as that, but many people are elevating them for extra protection. 

With a little bit of sewing and/or fabric glue, you can add extra protection to your bandana mask by adding in a filter to the side of your mask.

Sydnee Messerschmidt and her dad have been using head wraps (like an infinity scarf) and bandanas for protection. “We are making ones using air filters to help filter out the air instead of just having fabric on your face where things can still transfer through,”  Messerschmidt said. Sydnee has been taking extra precautions during this time because she and her dad have severe asthma, so they are more susceptible to the virus. 

If you know how to sew, the next way is the one for you! Using some fabric and elastic string you can make a face mask with straps around your ears to make sure you are safe. 

Another simple solution to a face mask is a blow-up dinosaur costume (I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about). For anyone who is claustrophobic and doesn’t like their face covered, this is perfect. There is only one hole that is used when blowing up the suit then it is closed and that way coronavirus is less likely to get to you and less likely for you to give it to anyone else. 

Of course, a stormtrooper mask, maxi pads, life-sized hamster balls, plastic bags, gas masks, and full hazmat suits all work too but are a little less conventional. 

So, if you have to leave the house make sure to wear a mask to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. 

You never know what this can turn into. “Don’t tell anyone but I’m scared this might turn into an apocalypse,” said Messerschmidt and quite frankly I agree. You don’t know when one day someone with the virus turns into a zombie and then the whole world is doomed. 

Stay safe Owls!