Did Disney Predict the Coronavirus?

Did Disney Predict the Coronavirus?

Elijah Carson, OwlFeed News Editor

In times of hopelessness and despair rampant as the Coronavirus’s conditions worsen over time, people wish that there had been a sign that this was coming, so they could have prepared themselves. 

However, one certain conspiracy theory claims someone did predict the pandemic. Who did this? Why, Disney of course! 

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The conspiracy theory centers around the movie Tangled, which premiered around 2010. The movie is about a young girl named Rapunzel, where she is locked up inside a tower, where she is actually from the kingdom of Corona. This in comparison to how over 90% of the US population is ordered to stay inside of our homes, quarantined, due to the aforementioned COVID-19. Coincidence? Maybe. 

Even after that, there are more examples and similarities despite the events being a decade apart from each other. Such as Rapunzel being forbidden to leave the tower, as if she leaves the outside could “kill her,” where this might suggest social distancing. Another is the fact that Mother Gothel in the movie used a flower to keep herself young, yet the King’s men found the flower, stole it and used it on the dying Queen. The rich restricting support for the public and using it on themselves? Sounds familiar.

The theory blew up on many social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, where they left how they felt about this. Twitter user Jared Talbot said, “Wait a minute here… In Tangled, Rapunzel is trapped in a tower (quarantine) and hidden from the kingdom named Corona… Did anybody else realize this?” 

Another user, Robert E. Hughes, questioned Disney’s motive and wrote, “Fun fact: Corona is the name of the Kingdom in the Disney film Tangled where Rapunzel was forced to social distances by her mother. Thanks, @Disney. What other predictions await us in your vault?” However, for most people, as this user suggested, this might’ve been leading onto something bigger. 

According to Elle News, one of the most hilarious theories out there was that “Disney+ Released COVID-19 In Time For Its Launch!” In this theory, Disney helped cause the pandemic of Coronavirus and made it worse in order to make people watch more of its content on Disney+, just in time for Frozen II to come out on the streaming platform. 

On the bright side everyone, if Rapunzel could survive 18 years trapped in a tower she couldn’t leave, then we can survive a few weeks and/or months inside the comfort of our lovely homes. 

Stay safe everyone and stay healthy and don’t forget to wash your hands.