Remaking Evil: Resident Evil 3


Juan Espinoza, OwlFeed Lifestyle Journalist

In the time of a pandemic, what better game to play than Resident Evil 3, a game about a virus that turns people into zombies, to pass the time?

Resident Evil 3 released April 3 this year and what good time to release too, with all of us stuck in quarantine that is. It’s a real-time killer. I’ve been playing the game and I forgot what was going on in the world for those moments I was playing the game.

This game is a remake of the original RE3 and the graphics are not the only thing that changed drastically; the combat, voice actors and even the story changed from the previous version.  

The game takes place before RE2 (Resident Evil 2) in Raccoon City, as you try to survive the city you play as Jill Valentine, a former S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) trying to escape from Raccoon city but something is chasing her that’s stopping her from leaving.

Compared to RE2, RE3 Has more open areas and more items to find. In an interview with Inverse Resident Evil 3 Remake producer, Peter Fabiano said, “Resident Evil 3 has more open areas, but also ones that are claustrophobic. We had some of the same sound designers and technologies as Resident Evil 2, so we were able to really expand on what we did there. There’s a lot you can play with when you are outside and only hear the audio cues to let you know that something might be coming.”

However, compared to RE2, Resident Evil 3 only has space and not all the puzzles that RE2 has. In an article called The Resident Evil 3 Remake Falls Short of its Amazing Predecessor by Nino De Vries, he said, “Resident Evil 2 plays a lot like a classic point-and-click adventure. You’re stuck in a museum that’s been converted into a police station, and you have to find your way through this huge building by finding keys and tools to unlock new areas. Killing zombies isn’t the goal, it’s more like a hurdle on your way to the next puzzle. Resident Evil 3 is closer to traditional action games.”

In the end, the game still makes for a good play and it’s all so a good way to get your mind off of current events and just relax and that’s something we all need.