Rapper’s Situation Exposes Risk of COVID-19 to the Incarcerated

Rappers Situation Exposes Risk of COVID-19 to the Incarcerated

Tya Maestas, OwlFeed Lifestyle Journalist

The life-threatening COVID-19 has reportedly spread to jails and prisons. In doing so raises the question, what is supposed to be done now for those incarcerated?

Many are trying to forgo jails and prisons for the subsequent care of inmates in light of COVID-19.

YNW Melly, a famous rapper, is currently incarcerated and has tested positive for coronavirus. 

His symptoms include shortness of breath, chills, fever and body aches. He is currently put into a cell with another inmate who has also tested positive for coronavirus with a lack of personal protective equipment and also not being treated with proper care.

Melly was charged with the alleged murders of Anthony Willams and Christopher Thomas Jr. He has been denied bail as he awaits his trial. 

While going through coronavirus, Melly is trying to be put on house arrest to get proper care to prevent him from dying in jail. As of right now, Melly weighs 114 pounds and just wants to get out to be saved especially because this jail Melly is currently in wasn’t properly ready for a coronavirus outbreak within their own walls. 

Photo Credit: The Miami Times

While going through these very harsh conditions many posts have been posted on Melly’s Instagram account, such as showing there is an “Emergency Motion For Release for Medical Care.” With jails not providing masks or hand sanitizer, and not being strict on soap usage, this can be very deadly to even hear. 

This also brings to light on how all jails will be handing this outbreak which is airborne and seems to be easily transmitted. With many inmates with all different health conditions, there needs to be an order for making the spread of this disease not happen so rapidly, not just for famous people but for the inmates who don’t have the big name to get recognized to have others support getting them out as well. 

While having my parents work in the jails maintaining and handling inmates every day, there is also a danger for officers who are hands on with these inmates. When asking my mother, Officer Meyers, how she feels to be working in jails right now, she said, “It’s scary when I come home to you and your brother when I don’t know if I’ve been exposed to anything throughout my day.” 

Considering that being an officer is essential, everything doesn’t stop. However, jails, just like any other essential job, pushes any worker to come forth if they think they’ve been exposed to the virus.

Any jail anywhere should take extra precautions especially during these times. A famous celeberity in jail due to being charged with murder shouldn’t be what brings light to jails not being prepared with this outbreak. 

Every immate should be protected if they have the virus as much as any other inmate that could potentially catch the virus as well. This should apply to the many officers who have their own families at home as well..