Clocks Ticking! Let’s Hop onto TikTok


Photo Credit: TikTok: cutiethiccckums

Bernadette Taylor, OwlFeed Journalist

“TikTok is definitely part of my daily life now more than it ever was,”  said Kyra Caldwell, a freshman at Agua Fria Highschool. 

There are more than 680 million users on TikTok, and the user count continues to grow alongside with the boredom of many other people.

Photo Credit: TikTok: cutiethiccckums

“Basically what I am saying is that it is not because TikTok is so great it is just better than doing something else or doing nothing,” Caldwell said. It is something used to just kill time, no matter if it is just watching, making or editing the TikToks. 

When it comes to making TikToks, there are many different ways and types to make. Dances, transitions and lip sync are a few examples of what people spend hours doing just to get likes and views. 

“It doesn’t take very long to learn a dance was what I thought but when I started actually doing the dance and trying to make it look right it was harder than I thought it was going to be,” said Cyerra Taylor, a TikTok user. “But it doesn’t take very long once you get the hang of most of them. I think the only part that I hate would be trying to get good angles and lighting when doing the dances.”

Transitions are always a trendy thing to do. Most of the time everyone is able to do transitions; certain ones are more popular than others and they can give your videos more of a glam factor or make them seem cooler. 

Lip-syncing is probably the easiest thing to do on TikTok because most people just hold the camera to their face and sing with the audio that’s already playing. Some people mix transitions and put a few edits in their videos when they lip sync. 

Editing is something more people are learning how to do to make their TikToks look cooler. You find it more common now because of how much time people have so they’re learning how to edit with this time on their hands. “I’ve known the basics of how to edit for a while but I find myself practicing more because it’s just something to do and it’s fun to see what people have to say about them on TikTok,” said Caldwell.

Overall, TikTok popularity has grown tremendously because of the amount of people who have a lot of time on their hands.