Darren Tudor and The Beautiful Notes of the Future

Elijah Carson, OwlFeed News Editor

From being a leader from the late gaming club, to even being an all-around great friend to everyone, Darren Tudor is known to have a fantastic reputation around the school. However, the thing that he is the best known for is being a member of Band. 

Even before high school, Tudor was already following the way of the band as an active member, but it wasn’t until he reached high school, where he began Marching Band. 

In this time, he succeeded four years of playing the saxophone and playing drum major during senior year. During this time, he would help with multiple fundraisers, recruiting new members with a passion of Band and helping other members whenever they needed it. However, throughout his time playing Marching and Symphonic Band, he was always focused on the growth and progress they made. 

“One thing I like about Darren is how nice he always is and how friendly he is towards new people,” said Aaron Acosta Martinez, a fellow band member and friend of Darren. He has known Darren since freshman year and they have been close friends ever since. He said, “He’s definitely helped me become on a nicer side being around him, but I don’t really think I’ve made an impact on him as much as he did to me.”

As well as the end goal and results of each competition they competed in, as Tudor said, “I’d say my biggest accomplishment in the band was winning our first competition in the years I’d been at Agua Fria.” 

However, he doesn’t credit himself alone for this victory. When asked if he believes he made an impact in Band here at Agua Fria, he said, “I believe with all the hard work I put in, I definitely made an impact, however, it takes more than one person to make a program successful.” 

Photo Credit: Darren Tudor

“He has made a huge impact on the band and it isn’t hard to see, “ said Ethan Hohbein, a fellow senior and another close friend of Darren’s. “He has always been a leader and can rally people and get the best out of everyone, including himself. You can see him directing the band and even when in middle school he always stood out as one of the most veteran players.”

This victory has made him remember how much he’s grown since freshman year and how much he’ll miss high school. 

Although he does make it clear that he is disappointed that the pandemic did interrupt his final year in band, he is happy because he gets more time to honour and remember the times in Band, and wants everyone to stay safe and healthy. However, he does state that he is overall happy with his time in Band and would love to come back if he gets the opportunity. 

When asked if he wanted to say anything to the future of Band, he said, “Band is a second family so if you join, be ready to have 50 brothers and sisters.” 

Martinez added: “One more thing I would like to say about Darren is I hope that kid doesn’t lose any of his all-around kindness because there are not many of those types of people left in the world.”

On a personal note, after being friends with Darren for three years, I will say that I will miss him when he leaves Agua Fria. But I cannot wait to see what will happen next, as I know that he will be successful in doing it. 

So here’s to a bright future for Darren Tudor. May he continue his love for Band and inspire others to make their own beat to their little drums.