Meet Elijah Carson


Araceli De La Torre Marin, OwlFeed News Managing Editor

OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief Elijah Malachi Carson is a man with a passion for writing and a dream to become an author.  

Elijah has written stories about various types of news. He’s written about politics, controversies, and even school shootings, among other things. Elijah joined journalism because he wanted to get his creativity out there. Once he got a taste of journalism, he kept coming back. 

Elijah’s dream and aspiration is to become an author because he wanted to “give children the fantasy and imaginations that he was given as a kid,” Elijah said.

Only being 16, Elijah had already touched the lives of dozens of people through his writing and countless more hearts with his kindness; he will achieve greatness and be loved by many throughout his life and career. However, writing alone does not satisfy Elijah; he also wants to become an actor. 

You may have seen him from some Agua Fria’s theatre productions such as Cinderella, Fools, and as Uncle Fester in the musical, The Addams Family. Later this month, he’ll be playing a zombie in the upcoming one-act called Please Excuse My Zombies.

Elijah is a very bright person. He thrives not only in journalism but in other areas of learning. 

In three words, I had asked Elijah how he would describe himself, his response was “an overachiever, friendly.” His father pushed him to be better, to do better, although, he may have been pushed too hard. Nonetheless, it resulted in him doing the same towards himself to be better, to get to his goal, which Elijah believes is what resulted in where he is today.

Elijah described being an author as “a way of making someone’s day. If you genuinely put in the work, you could not just see words on a page; no, you see everything being told to you, presented with everything around you, and I believe books have that strong power, and I want to immerse people around the world with that type of power.”

His great grandmother Fernanda, who passed away in 2018, had an impeccable bond with Elijah. Elijah was very involved in her work, helping the mentally ill and homeless. He followed in her footsteps by volunteering at a senior center over the summer. 

Only recently meeting Elijah, he is hands down the friendliest person you will meet and just downright a good friend and person. It would be impossible to put in words someone as remarkable as Elijah on paper. I am not giving him the justice to who he is; I’m just giving you a preview. To get the full experience, you will have to meet him yourself.

Photo Credit: Elijah M. Carson