The World of Araceli: Meet Araceli De La Torre Marin


Elijah Carson, OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief

“Stubborn.” One word that Araceli may call herself, but when exploring her world, you may see a wonderful world full of personality! 

When looking at the facts, Araceli De La Torre Marin may seem like your regular 16-year-old, high school junior. However, there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. Like her morals! Whenever she has something on her mind, she’ll say it, and will defend her beliefs, facts, and even people! That’s why she calls herself “stubborn.”  

But if you want to know about her, just know that she’s got both hobbies and dreams for the future. 

One of De La Torre Marin’s biggest passions in life would be writing. She writes all sorts of things such as poems and hymns, to other things like short stories and other creative writing styles. However, when asked why she wanted to join journalism, that was just one of the many reasons she chose to join. 

When asked about other reasons, Marin replied, “It was an opportunity to improve my writing, communication skills and even though it’s not my dream to become a journalist, I want to write about things that aren’t getting notice and are being dismissed as if it were nothing, such as women’s issues!” That kind of news is very important to Marin. 

So here’s a question: if Marin doesn’t want to become a journalist, then what does she want to be when she grows up?

Well, Marin actually wants to become a business major. She claimed it was all her Tia Nuvia’s doing. “I think someone who inspired me to go into business would be my Tia,” Marin said. When Marin went to her aunt’s job, “I saw how hard she worked, and I thought she worked flawlessly. She made it even look magical.” So much so that she expected an easy upbringing, but now she realized that going into business isn’t so easy. 

When she’s finished with high school, she wants to go to college classes and try everything she can to reach her goal. “I plan to also start an apprenticeship with my Tia, where I can get enough knowledge so I can start my own business!” she said.

As you can tell, the family is very important to Marin, where she would even say that family, “…is the most important moral.” Even so, she wants to go into a family business with her brother as they inspire her to be her better self. 

 However, that’s not all her inspirations. 

Marin believes someone who has heavily influenced her life was her mother, Juana. To Araceli, her mother is one of the strongest women in the world. “She taught me how to be strong in the real way!” After her mother left her alcoholic father, she had to work hard to provide for them. 

It was a hard struggle to move from home to home, and even shelter to shelter. It was rough for her, but throughout this process, she evolved into the better and stronger person that she is today. 

In the end, Araceli De La Torre Marin may claim that she is not the best person, but if you talk to her, I think you may make a life-long friend. Who knows, she might even give you some business advice. However, let’s see what is in store for Araceli as she enters the world of journalism!

Photo Credit: Araceli De La Torre Marin