Meet Sam Lopez


Anna Salinas, Owlfeed Lifestyle Reporter

With a brand new semester comes a brand new year of Journalism, and with that new year, comes new and returning reporters. Speaking of returning reporters, this is what you need to know about Sam Lopez.

Sam is a senior here at Agua Fria High School, who had joined journalism during her second semester of her junior year and will be continuing this year as the sports section editor. 

She decided to join journalism because she thought it was going to help her see what she wanted to do as a career in the future, or in her own words, “give me a taste of what journalism is like.” Her two favorite sections to write for are sports and opinion.

Besides journalism, Sam has been heavily involved in many sports at Agua Fria. In the past, she has been a part of cross country, soccer and cheerleading. Besides these sports, she is mostly known for doing track since the 6th grade, her favorite event being hurdles. “It’s something that helps clear my mind and it releases so much stress,” Sam said.

After high school, Sam is thinking about going to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication located in downtown Phoenix, as well as thinking about getting an education to become a high school teacher of some sort and become involved in coaching.

Sam said her biggest inspiration is the world and the people that surround her. “I see what goes on around me and then I feel like that teaches me what not to do or what to do,” Sam said. She’s very observant and tends to pick up on people’s good qualities and actions to form her own ideas and opinions. Sam believes that the world “teaches and inspires you more than anything else.”

After almost four years of high school, Sam would say to her freshman self, “Don’t be scared to talk to people. No one cares what you’re doing, so just keep doing you.” She also encourages herself to pay attention to her classes and if you need help to not be afraid to ask. 

Sam’s favorite colors are grey and purple or any color with a little pastel. She enjoys listening to music, specifically Jessie Reyez, a recent upcoming artist. And lastly, she enjoys spending time with her new lovable companion, her cat Pearl.

Sam is very passionate about the things she does and has a lovable personality. She has a willingness to keep learning and trying to become better in every way she can. For me, I can definitely say she has a bright future ahead of her.

Picture Credit: Viviana Martinez