Meet Ray Alade


Jacob Coleman, OwlFeed Reporter

Raheemat Alade, or as some people call her Ray, is a happy, strong-minded, and adventurous person. She is a returner to the OwlFeed News team and is ready to spend her senior year in one of her favorite classes. 

Ray was originally born in Nigeria and came to the United States at around 3 or 4 years old. Ray, along with her younger brother and two younger sisters, moved to Arizona and has been raised here for her whole life. 

At first, Ray was skeptical about taking the class back in her junior year, but is glad she chose this class.“I love the atmosphere of the classroom. I made some of my best friends in this class and learned so much about the world of journalism,” she said  

Once she graduates, Ray plans on pursuing a major in Pre-Law and Philosophy and plans on being a lawyer in her future. She is still considering her options, but she keeps journalism in her mind. “I am considering minoring in journalism in college because I love it, but I’m kinda skeptical about going into it as a career,” she said.

Outside of school, Ray loves watching anime and reading mangas of her favorite series. Some of her favorites are Haikyu and Inuyasha. Ray is an old soul when it comes to the music she listens to. She enjoys music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, while her favorite song is “If I Can’t Have You” by the Bee Gees.

Ray talked about her time here at Agua Fria and had nothing but good things to say about her experience about her time at this school. “I’ve met all my best friends and made some of my favorite memories here,” Ray said. “It’s crazy to believe I am a senior now and will be graduating soon. Not gonna lie I’m going to miss high school.”

Ray spoke about her influences, saying, “I am influenced by my parents for sure. They literally raised me to always think about others and be nice to anyone. They also always have my back no matter what.” Her parents came to the United States as immigrants from Nigeria and have taught Ray to be hardworking and create her own strong work ethic. 

Being Ray’s second year in journalism, and being the new editor for our news section she brings a fun and hard working spirit to the OwlFeed team. 

Ray’s passion and love for this class shows in everything she does, whether it’s her writing or working with the team. Her personality glows when you speak to her and her personality will show in her work.

Photo Credit: Ray Alade