Why Amy Coney Barrett Is The Most Important Women In America Right Now


Raheemat Alade, Owlfeed News and Media Editor

The year 2020 has been one of the most crucial years in politics. The election, the Impeachment of President Trump, the Coronavirus, and so much more happened just in these 10 months. But the biggest thing that happened this year regarding politics is the death of the late, great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and who is in line to replace her. 

And as of now, a woman named Amy Coney Barrett is officially taking her seat.

Barrett left a great impression on the President during the initial meetings and was favored by the President. Sooner than later, President Trump announced that Judge Amy Coney Barret would fill the vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

“She’s the most distinguished and qualified by traditional measures. She has the strongest support among the legal conservatives who have dedicated their lives to the court. She will contribute most to the court’s jurisprudence in the years and decades to come,” said a former Trump senior administration official to CNN.

According to CNN, Barrett would shift the balance of power on the court further to the right, cementing a conservative stronghold in the court.

Many Republicans and conservatives strongly supported her nomination because of her ideologies on faith and the law.

However, the Democratic party has an entirely different opinion; they fear Barrett’s religious views would influence her rulings. Though, Barrett did testify that her faith would not shape her judgments as a Supreme Court justice during her confirmation hearing. Senate Democrats are even preparing a plan of attack against her.

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera Reuters/Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

You can’t blame the Democrats for being worried. In 2006 Barrett signed her name in a newspaper ad calling the decision of Roe v. Wade which legalized the right to an abortion “barbaric.” Also, she has demonstrated her conservative beliefs on Second Amendment gun rights, immigration, and abortion.

One primary reason why Americans are afraid of Barrett becoming a justice is that she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) during a pandemic. 

The ACA’s removal would create chaos across the entire health care system, weaken the country’s public health and economic recovery, and rip affordable health care coverage from millions of people during one of the most challenging times in American history.  

It is a scary possibility, but it hasn’t been confirmed that she will. It is the reason why most Republican senators did vote to confirm her.

During the vote for Barrett, Democrats refused to even show up as a sign of protest against the nominee. They didn’t like Barrett’s views and thought it wasn’t fair to vote in a new Justice a week before the election when Republicans didn’t even let President Obama nominate one six months before the 2016 election but let Trump do a month before this upcoming election.

And as of October 26, 2020, Amy Coney Barrett is the 115th justice in the nation’s history and the fifth woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court. At 48, she is the youngest member of the current court and its sixth Catholic.

And according to The New York Times, “She is Mr. Trump’s third appointee on the court, more than any other president has installed in the first term since Richard M. Nixon had four, joining Justices Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh.”

This is a very historic moment for everyone, and we can’t wait to see what Supreme Justice Amy Coney Barrett will do during her time and how she will impact our country either for better or for worse.