What You´ve Missed In 2020 So Far

Photo Credit: Travel Links Directory

Photo Credit: Travel Links Directory

Bella Tarzia, OwlFeed Lifestyle Editor

Wow, has it been one crazy year and there are still a few months left. 

The world has gone through hell and back three times and somehow we’re all still standing. So here is a recap on what you’ve missed in case you have been living under a rock for the past nine months. 

To start the ¨train wreck of a year,” according to sophomore Haylie Mulhausen, let’s take it back a little to December 2019. The House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump on charges of abuse of power. This carried into January 2020 as the main hot topic on the news. 

The whole country began to be nervous that World War III was going to break out after the U.S killed the top Iranian General, Qassem Soleimani. Then Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down a Ukrainian plane, causing sheer panic across the globe. And this was only eight days into the year. 

Adding on to the suspence of January, tragedy hit when NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant died in a plane crash along with seven others. This left the world in great shock as the NBA idol touched the hearts of millions. 

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Heading into February, another ongoing issue became the worst we have seen. The Australian bush fires that had started in July 2019 continued until late March 2020. The fires burned about 47 million actress of land, destroying homes to humans and most of the wildlife in Australia.

Then March, March is when it really happened. In fact, I don’t even like to say the word “March.” It gives me the chills. COVID-19 was named a global pandemic on March 11. Originally it only affected a few people in other countries but within weeks it was at our front door killing millions of people.

 Covid shut down schools, small business, towns and entire states. It was nice at first getting to have an extended Spring Break but it is now about eight months later and we are still being affected by it every day. 

The Covid scare traveled into April and suddenly we were out of toilet paper. I hope everyone who bought all of the toilet paper, water bottles, and canned food back in April is satisfied because now you will be eating canned beans for the next three years as well as dressing your kids as mummies with all of the toilet paper for the next two Halloweens. 

On May 25, African-American man Gorege Floyd was murdered by the authorities after being investigated for possessing a counterfeit $20 bill. This event caused a huge uprising in the Black Lives Matter movement, which led to nationwide protesting. 

Everything remained the same throughout June, but at this point we are unphased. 

To top off the global pandemic and BLM Movement large scary bees roamed the streets ready to kill. 

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As the “murder hornets” were set out to kill all small animals and humans, July was not much more of a surprise. Through July and August one of the main concerns was if it was going to be safe enough to send kids back to school. 

Many states came to the conclusion that it definitely was not safe to send people back to school, except Florida. Florida sent many college students back to campus, that only lasted a few weeks when many got sick and they all were sent home. But of course the schools took their money anyways. 

From September to October the main conversation across the US is the upcoming Presidential election, Trump vs. Biden. On every TV station, radio channel and street corner there is conversation about the election. 

This year has been ¨disappointing,” said senior Ally Marsit. But Ally has not lost all hope for 2020. ¨The holidays always put me in a better mood so hopefully they make 2020 just a little bit better. It can only go up from here,” said Marist, which is the optimistic mindset I wish I had too. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has taught us that we need to be kind to one another. You never know when something else major can happen for the better or the worse. 

We have a few months left of this year, and I am praying for the best. It’s every man and woman for themselves, so good luck to you all.