The Latest on the Covid-19 Vaccine


Photo Credit: Gettyimages/istockphoto

Gina Rodriguez , OwlFeed News Reporer

Since the coronavirus outbreak, scientists have been on the lookout for a vaccine for this virus. Researchers are currently testing 49 vaccine clinical trials on humans, and at least 88 preclinical vaccines are under review. 

There is not a specific date yet of when there will be a vaccine. Many health officials are trying the best they can to develop a vaccine as soon as possible, but what will happen if we get this vaccine too soon?  Well here’s a few things to know about the Covid-19 vaccines.

First, the covid vaccine isn’t gonna be recommended to children. So even if they do get a vaccine children won’t be able to get it anyways.

Then, there will only be a limited supply of vaccines, and because of that some groups of people might be recommended to get the vaccine first. So again not everyone will be protected. 

The CDC has been focused on vaccine planning and working closely with the health department and partners to get ready when the vaccine does become available. 

There are currently 10 vaccine trials in the last stages of testing, but there are many concerns regarding getting the vaccine too soon, like will there be any side effects, is it gonna affect each group of people especially, will it be dangerous and if the vaccine is even gonna work?

Either way, many Americans have their own opinions and thoughts about vaccines and the trials.

I asked students at Agua Fria High School about their thoughts on the vaccines. 

Sophomore Meriah Curry said, “I feel like the vaccines are very risky and are being very rushed, and I would not take it myself.”

And when asked if scientists should take their time with the vaccines, Sophomore Tiana Gonzales said, “In my opinion, I feel like it should be better for them to take their time and we should wait because by then we will know the vaccine is safe enough to even inject into our bodies.”  

Finally, regarding if a student would ever take it, she said, “If they just came out with a vaccine I personally would not take it because I feel like it wouldn’t be safe and it was so rushed. I would only trust the vaccine enough to take it myself if it’s made properly and if it’s [approved] by medical professionals.” 

Nobody knows when there is going to be a new vaccine. It could be years before we get one, but one thing is for sure we hope that the vaccine is gonna be effective and proper for everyone.