Agua Fria District Returns to Remote Learning


Photo Credit: Sam Lopez

Sam Lopez, OwlFeed Sports Editor 

Due to rising COVID-19 cases in Arizona, the Agua Fria Union School District has decided to return to at-home remote learning for the remainder of the fall semester. This decision was made on November 4th at the district’s board meeting. 

After reviewing letters sent from parents across the district, the school board made their decision based on what’s best for the district’s health. 

The Agua Fria District included their plan in the board meeting which also includes what type of learning we will be doing based on the number of cases across the district. Once we hit 100 positive cases out of 100,000 people, the district’s plan was to return to remote learning. According to county data from October 29th, there were already 111 cases. 

As this decision was made, the board read through letters sent in by the community which expressed their thoughts toward remote learning.

Photo Credit: Sam Lopez

“It’s not worth the risk with cases rising to keep schools open,” said parent, Robert Pyrom, from Verrado High School. While some parents agreed with wanting to return to remote learning, others did not. Some concerns were mental health and social interaction.

“I would hate for my children to develop anxiety disorders because they are forced to stay in their homes,” said a parent from Millennium high-school, Karina Egnacio. 

Parents have portrayed that children do not learn the same during remote learning. Although some parents appreciate the two-day hybrid schedule, others find it ideal to send students back to a five-day in-person schedule. 

According to a survey sent out to Agua Fria District teachers, students aren’t the only ones being impacted negatively. Teachers have found it difficult to manage the hybrid remote, in-person, and flex students all at the same time. 

As all these letters are taken into consideration, students, families, and staff safety is also being kept in mind. 

“I appreciate the feedback we get from families but I can’t get away from the fact that we have to be safe and thoughtful,” said Agua Fria superintendent, Dennis Runyan. Runyan added that as of right now, these are only temporary decisions as well. 

In the end, the District decided to switch back to full-time remote learning in order to ensure safety in the community. Another board meeting will take place in December to determine what learning may look like in the second semester.

Until then, stay safe Owls and mask up!


Photo Credit: Sam Lopez