OPINION: Gen-Z Won’t Be Silent About the World’s Problems


Photo Credit: Getty images

Gina Gonzales Rodriguez, OwlFeed News Reporter

Gen Z is one of the most educated generations, where most of the kids already have their viewpoints on the world at a young age. Most of the older generations don’t take Gen Z seriously because most of the people are so young, but there is no denying that this generation will change the world one day. 

Last year Generation Z became one of the biggest generations, surpassing Millennials. Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, are young adults to kids born from the mid-to-late ’90s to 2010.

Gen Z is known for being the most racially and ethnically diverse than any other generation, and they are on track to be the most educated generation yet. For one, because Gen-Z is the most diverse generation, most of Gen-Z believe in equality in everyone and know that the world we live in today lacks it.

“I feel like in today’s society we are lacking love and equality so much, especially in 2020,” said Agua Fria sophomore, Jauna Anya. “I feel like that’s why when you look at a protest like the BLM, a protest for women’s abortion rights or anything that involves simple human rights, you see so many young people and teenagers.

“That’s because most of us just want to grow up in a world where we won’t have to be treated differently from others and we all wanna grow up with simple rights just like everyone else!” 

Secondly, in Gen-Z, people are more well-spoken and will speak with what they believe is right. This is probably why most older generations despise the younger generation so much because we actually stand up for what’s right. 

“What I think sets us apart from the older generation is that the older generation was taught that everything must be the same,”  said Agua Fria sophomore Tiana Gonzales. “And anything out of the ordinary is wrong, so if you’re not ordinary then you would be expected to be treated badly.

“But now if you treat someone badly because of who they are, then we’re gonna be sticking up for [ourselves, rather] than feeling sad about it.” 

Lastly, Gen-Z is known to be the most “reckless” generation. 

“With Generation Z, if we see something that’s wrong or disrespectful, we will stand up and do something about it so it won’t happen again in the future,” Anya said. “We don’t care if it hurts your feelings or what you have to say! I think that’s why most of the time the older people think we are disrespectful and reckless because they know we will go to all lengths to make a change, even if it means we could get hurt in the process.”

 Now that we know Gen-Z is one of the most educated generations and the most diverse, with the world we are living in today it’s no wonder why Gen-Z kids are so outspoken and open-minded.