My Experience with Covid-19

Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed News Reporter

The Coronavirus pandemic has sickened more than 52 million people, according to official counts. As of Monday, November 11th, 2020, at least 1,280,000 people have died worldwide, and the virus has been detected in nearly every country. 

Covid-19 is a deadly virus that can easily spread from one person to another. I contracted Covid-19, over a month ago, and it was the scariest experience I have ever gone through.  

I went through the virus both physically and mentally. I always thought that being stuck at home was the worst thing ever until I got Covid-19. When I found out that I had the virus my first thought was that it was deadly and, what if I don’t make it? 

But I am very grateful that I can be here to tell you about my Covid-19 experience. I was not happy that I got put on lockdown. “Why are we put on lockdown for something that is not even real?”  I said to myself. I believed that the virus was just something that was made by someone and then spread around like rumors or gossip. But I was very wrong in thinking it was fake. 

When I first showed symptoms, it was all normal, just like a cold or something. Little did I know this was far from it. I was feeling ok the next day, but then a couple of weeks later I started to get sick again. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but I figured I should go get tested for Covid-19 anyways. 

A few days later my mom received my test results and they were positive. It all went downhill from there. When I was sick, I was not able to smell anything. It was like a stuffy nose but way worse. 

I don’t like being in my room when I’m sick, so when I was stuck in my room for months, you can imagine how it felt. I am very stubborn and like to try to do the things that I can’t, however, I was very fragile when having Covid-19, so I was not able to go down the stairs. This was extremely frustrating. 

I knew that I was not healthy enough to go down the stairs but I thought I could at the very least go down 3-5 steps, but I could not even go down that much. I remember crying and my sister came to help me back in my room. 

Even though this is my experience of how I got Covid-19, my family and loved ones were also very much a part of this experience. 

My mother, Ashley, was scared. “I was very terrified because my daughter had Covid-19,” my mother said. “I also felt bad for the horrible painful experience she had to go through.” 

My dad, Adrian, also went through this horrible experience with me and we made sure to take care of each other. “I felt very determined to make sure my daughter got better. I was also nervous because I did not know what would happen next,” my dad said.  

Even though he was not with me physically, my boyfriend, Nathaniel, was a big part of this experience with me. He said, “I felt bad for the fact that she had to go through this horrible virus that only felt worse every day.” 

He brought me gifts for my health and happiness, such as soup, crackers, and drinks and he got me a get-well card that made my heart light up.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Fuse

I get sick a lot, and I have to say that Covid-19 was the worst illness that I have ever experienced. I was only able to eat soup for the first couple of days, which I quickly got tired of. If you think that sounds bad, it was. But for me, the fact that I was still a bit sick on my birthday made it even worse. I got tested again, but thankfully the tests came back negative.  

As you can see, Covid-19 is very real. It can affect anyone and everyone. Fortunately, you can help by wearing a mask, washing your hand, and social distancing. Please stay safe everyone and have a good day!