Famous People Set Bad Examples By Not Wearining Masks


Photo Credit: The Hollywood Fix

Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed News Reporter

As many of you know Covid-19 cases have recently gone up to 56,220,267 worldwide as of November 19th, 2020. 

But what is the real reason? Is it the citizens just not wanting to stay home?  Or is it the YouTubers, Celebrities, or influencers, etc?

The Hype House is a famous TikTok house where many YouTubers and influencers live and hang out.  

They are all pretty famous people, so being quarantined might not be that bad for them, but what if I told you they went out to dinner almost every day when they should be quarantined and learning how to cook instead. 

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Fix YouTube account

They are role models to many young teens and many people look up to them and follow what they do. 

But would you follow your role model going out every day instead of being home quarantined when you know how bad the virus is? 

Your role models should be home but instead, they’re going out getting all dressed up to eat at some fancy restaurant, instead of being home quarantined trying to help this virus go down. 

But what about us? I know that I would love to go out to dinner and get all dressed up to go to some fancy restaurant but instead I’m home in quarantine trying to help the virus go down. How are the role models helping the virus go down when they are going out to dinner every day? 

This is not right. They may be famous but they’re still people, if they care about their fans like they claim they do, they would make sure to social distance.

I saw some YouTube videos on a channel called The Hollywood Fix where some of the influencers had taken their mask off to take a photo or to talk to the press. 

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Fix YouTube account

Sometimes the influencers have their mask on or they have it off, other times they leave a restaurant with no mask on. Finally, other times their masks are nowhere to be seen. 

The influencers should have their masks on all the time and it should stay on their face. 

“Hey, I know times are scary right now but I just wanted to check in with you all please stay safe and make sure to look out for each other and yourself,” said famous musician Shawn Mendes.

Ariana Grande had to speak her mind about the TikTok stars ignoring COVID-19 in an interview with ET Canada. “Couldn’t we have just stayed at home for a few more weeks like all the other countries that were fine and are better than we are?” she said. “Like did we really all need to all go to Saddle Ranch that badly, like we couldn’t have waited for the deadly pandemic to pass. We all really need to put on our cowgirl boots and ride a mechanical bull that bad. We all did that Instagram post that badly.” 

“Yeah I saw that,” replied TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio. “I don’t really know what to think. I mean, she’s right, she’s right but she’s a queen, love her.” 

My question for Dixie is if Grande is right, why won’t she stay home?  Why does she need to go to Saddle Ranch if she agrees with what Grande had to say? 

As you can tell, fans and other celebrities are not happy with what the TikTok stars are doing while COVID-19 is happening. 

But what do non-fans have to say about the actions the TikTok stars are taking towards Covid-19? 

“It is very irresponsible of them especially since they have a following and they should be showing their followers what the right thing to do is,” said my sister Audrey Gonzales. 

“Covid-19 is a really bad virus because some of my cousins have died from it,” said a good friend of mine, Hunter Huerta. “And people should wear their masks when they go shopping and even if they are flying and if they don’t they should just stay home if they don’t want to wear their masks. They should just stay where they are.” 

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Fix YouTube account

“I think as long as they are being safe and the restaurant is following safety protocols then it should be fine,” Gonzales added. 

“But I also think that people who think it’s not important to wear a mask should be considerate of other people,” said my mom, Ashley Gonzales.

“I don’t think they should go out because they have a lot of people following their example and those people just want to do what looks cool,” said my father, Adrian Gallardo. “They’re not being thoughtful about people around them who are at a higher risk than them.”

Remember to stay home, stay safe, and wear a mask!