AFHS Students Work Part-Time Essential Jobs


Photo Credit: andjohan (Wikimedia Commons)

Sam Lopez, OwlFeed Sports Editor

Usually when parents say, “Go get a job,” an eye roll by a teenager follows. 

Some students have decided to take it into their own hands and apply for jobs before their parents could suggest it. Teens in the community have recently taken up simple part-time jobs that actually go a long way for others during the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people were rushing to grocery stores to stock up and make sure they had enough toilet paper and food. Something that people haven’t noticed is most of the employees who clean up after happen to be teenagers.

“It gets busy sometimes and not everyone follows social distancing or mask requirements,” said Agua Fria senior and Fry’s Food employee, Isabella Rosales. “Even when they do wear a mask, it’s not on properly.” 

As mask controversy floats around, it’s no surprise to see some shoppers complain. Since it’s a priority to make customers happy, often employees have to simply deal with it. 

Not only are grocery stores in high demand, so are delivery services such as Amazon, FedEx, and UPS. Online shopping may have just seemed to be a normal thing that people would occasionally do, but now that shopping centers are hot spots for COVID-19, people have resorted to ordering online.

“It’s a lot of work on your body honestly,” said UPS employee and senior, Nathaniel Marquez. “Lifting boxes for hours at a time gets tiring but I guess it’s like going to the gym.” 

Since we are in remote learning as of right now, these students have been balancing both work and school. An after-school job teaches responsibility when it comes to balancing both and these teens are definitely learning.

Especially with remote learning, it gets a little more difficult to keep up but it has been manageable. “It’s pretty convenient to be home already when school ends so that I can get ready for work faster, but sometimes there’s not a break in between,” Marquez said. “Right after closing my Chromebook, I’m already getting ready for work and out the door.”  

Photo Credit: andjohan (Wikimedia Commons)

Even though we have flex Wednesdays to help us relax and catch up on work, some students don’t get that day off from work, or even weekends.

“It’s kinda like school,” Rosales said. “You have to meet new people and hope they brighten up the experience. You make new friends though since you see them more than your school friends sometimes.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, make sure to shop safely and practice social distancing. Not only for your protection but also out of respect for the employees that are just trying to help and get by.