OPINION: What Makes a Great Teacher During Remote Learning

Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed Journalist

Teachers all have great qualities. Now more than ever, teachers and what qualities they have are important with online school. 

We are all thankful for all the teachers that have taught us so much throughout the years as students. But what matters for me and I would say for most students is the connection and safety that students know they can go to the teachers for anything and everything.

Sophomore Audrey Gonzales said, “I think that you have to create a good environment with your students, one where there is good communication and it doesn’t feel awkward. Like there’s never a weird feel when you’re in the classroom, it feels like you can actually learn but you’re also not under pressure. It feels good and [the teacher] makes sure every student is comfortable in the environment.” 

Senior Ray Alade added: “I think that teachers could show more Characteristics with not just students in school life but personal life as well. Teachers could show more of a passionate feeling when students are around their teachers.” 

As you can see we all have different ideas of what makes a great teacher during this pandemic. But we also have the same concept of what makes a great teacher during the pandemic. 

Photo Credit: Olivia Kelly

For me, I want to be challenged more. We have great teachers at Agua Fria High School but we do have a few ideas on how we can have a better teacher-student connection. 

“With what is currently happening, a great teacher is one who CARES for their students and their learning,” said creative writing teacher Olivia Kelly. “I want to make connections with my students, and I also want other students to connect with each other!’

Ms. Kelly added: “Making student connections is something that I value very much. I consider it to be one of the most important things about being a teacher. A skill that I believe helps me as a teacher is the relationships I have with students and my content knowledge in my courses.” 

But Ms. Kelly knows there is always room for improvement.

“As a teacher, one skill that I wish to have is All The ANSWERS! I don’t always have an answer for everything (though I try), so I wish I always knew the solutions for everything!” 

All the teachers want is to build a fun but appropriate connection when it comes to us kids. We could help out by emailing if we have trouble with our cameras.