Meet Ms. Phillips

By: Sarah Loya

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FullSizeRender (1)Our teacher Ms. Phillips can show you the way to take the most artistic photograph you will ever take. Or you know, take a bomb selfie with just the right lighting.

Ms. Phillips is the photography and yearbook teacher here at Agua Fria. This is her fourth year teaching photography, but only her second for yearbook.

Phillips went to school at Estrella Mountain Community College for a year and a half and then transferred her credits to Northern Arizona University. She studied photography and business management so she could start her own business. Phillips graduated in 2011 from NAU.

It’s shocking to know that Phillips actually didn’t want to teach photography at first since both of her parents were teachers. She wanted to be a photographer — she still is on her free time — but dealing with the business side of it just wasn’t her thing.

“I thought it would be a great way for me to kinda get back to my roots of photography where I started from,” Ms. Phillips said. “And I thought it would be great to go back to exploring the artistic side of it, which I kinda got away from when I went away from the business.”

When Phillips first got hired, she was asked if she would like to take on yearbook. She gladly agreed to do so, and it’s a good thing that she took yearbook during her high school days, so she had the experience. Throughout her years here at Agua Fria, she feels that the yearbooks get better and better.

Since it’s the 60th anniversary of AFHS, Phillips is very excited to see how the yearbook will turn out this year and is confident that it will be better than the years before!