The Disappearence of Sriwijaya Air Flight 182

Photo Credit:

Jacob Coleman, OwlFeed News Reporter 

Over 60 people are missing after a Sriwijaya air flight disappeared from radars only four minutes after take off from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. 

The Boeing 737 passenger plane carried 62 passengers and fell from the sky only minutes after getting off the ground. The flight was intended to go from the airport in Jakarta to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province, according to BBC News. 

The plane was described to be in good condition by Sriwijay’s Chief Executive Jefferson Davis Jauwena. Davis also stated that the flight had been delayed 30 minutes due to heavy rain, according to BBC News.

Once the plane took off radars saw the plane plummet more than 10,000 ft in less than a minute BBC reports. Multiple witnesses said they heard one big explosion. One witness, a fisherman who goes by Solihin, said, “The plane fell like lightning into the sea and exploded. It was pretty close to us, the shards of a kind of plywood almost hit my ship.” 

Many residents around the island have come forward since the crash with pieces and wreckage of what they believe is left of the plane, Indonesian police report.

Shortly after the crash was reported the Indonesian Navy was deployed to look for the aircraft. They were able to figure out the coordinates of the aircraft and deployed a search crew to find the submerged plane.

There are still many questions as to what exactly happened to the Sriwijaya flight. One problem that flight analysts found was that there was no distress signal sent during its descent towards the sea, according to Air Marshal Bagus Puruhito, the head of the National Search and Rescue Agency.

The wreckage has continued to pile up near the coasts of the Indonesian islands and as the investigation continues, Sriwijaya Air’s President Director Jefferson Jauwena said, “ The maintenance report said everything went well and airworthy.” The flight was delayed, but only for bad weather, and the reports remained consistent that there was no damage to the plane before and after the delay. 

This incident remains a mystery so far. The disappearance of this plane has led to many innocent lives being taken. Families mourn their loved ones as there have yet to be found any remains so far from the crash. Only time and further investigation will be able to tell what really happened that day and hopefully, this accident can help prevent future planes and flights from experiencing this tragic outcome.