OPINION: Trump Isn’t Backing Down, Yet

Photo credit: politico.com

Photo credit: politico.com

Bernadette Negron-Taylor, OwlFeed News Reporter

Trump got trumped. Trump is facing his second impeachment trial, he and his supporters will not go down without a fight. Trump continues to push things to a breaking limit.

His actions recently and within the past 4 years, during his presidency, has caused many family members, friends, and ones who were once connected to come apart because of his words and actions. He can be said to be one of the biggest reasons our generation, from boomers to gen z, haven’t been able to come together and try to look at things from each other’s point of view.

“The man is narcissistic and manipulative, he is not worth letting lead us anymore or even before,” said Nancy Salazar, a member of the older generation. He was a leader who did not see things clearly and did them anyways not even bothering to watch how it affected Americans and the world.

From the beginning to the end of his presidency, he has been filled up with scandals in questionable ordeals. Many of his supporters in the younger generations are relentless with their physical, emotional and verbal actions. The younger generations are very adamant about striving for what they believe in, so because of this, Trump supporter or non-Trump supporter, they will continue to fight with all of their might to do more to get it known. 

“Trump has an interesting way of showing his capabilities to lead a whole country, he can’t even control his own supporters. Or maybe he is putting up a front and he doesn’t even want them to stop harassing and hazing people who disagree with their viewpoint. It is so ridiculous that this one man can strike fear into so many people with no disregard and we are just to stand here and take it from him,” said a student who would prefer to remain anonymous.

Photo credit: politico.com

There has been a rift between the younger and older generations for some time now, but during Trump’s rule, he has caused it to grow much wider.

Then you have outlays, millennials, and generation x, many of them don’t really know where to stand because they do not wish to cause more conflict, or offend anyone. Trump, as a president, makes it hard to state an opinion without being seen as bad or good.

It is not anyone’s intention to say that Joe Biden is perfect and Donald Trump is way worse. Joe Biden spoke to his supporters: “I see you, I hear you, and I understand the urgency of what it is we have to get done in this country,” according to politico.com. It is a matter of who would better fit the role of the leader who we need right now for our country, to better our economy and the people within it. So for the better of the country, Americans chose to, as gen Z would say, settle for Biden.