Hopes for Season 4 of Cobra Kai


Photo Credit: Newsweek

Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed News Reporter

*Spoilers Ahead*  

On January 1st, 2021, Cobra Kai season 3 was released on entertainment brand Netflix. The show is in the top ten on Netflix’s, currently #2 in the U.S. today. 

 Season 2 was left on a cliffhanger. Cobra Kai is the spin-off of the original 1984 Karate Kid that follows Johnny Lawrence played by William Zebka and Daniel Lerusso played by Ralph Macchioas. They are now adults navigating through life with family, old lovers, new lovers, old senseis, and last but certainly not least, KARATE! The show focuses mostly on Daniel and Johnny as the main characters along with a few others.  

Serina Price is a big fan of Cobra Kai who would love to speak her mind on the matter. When asked about how they felt about the way season 3 ended, this was their response.

Photo Credit: Newsweek

“In the middle of the show, I was kinda mad because once Miguel wasn’t there it wasn’t  left entertaining,” they said. “Until the last episode when everyone started realizing what side I am on.” 

She added, “After Miguel woke up there wasn’t anything left in the episodes to keep me entertained. But I really love Cobra Kai so I continued to watch. Sure enough that the last episode made it [worth] everything.” 

Price later talked about Sam LaRusso, who plays Daniel LaRusso’s oldest daughter and child.  “I hope in season 4 Sam doesn’t date anyone. I mean everyone is in this mess because of her. Like just because Robby wasn’t in the picture she went with Miguel.” 

Price then talked about their hopes for season 4. “I’m hoping in season 4 that LaRusso and Johnny defeat Kreese,” they said. “So he can finally leave and stop causing all this chaos.” 

She added“I hope that Robby will see that it’s okay to get help every now and then even when the people that you trust turns you in. I just hope someone stable helps Robby.” Robby went to jail after that he made a decision not to get help from anyone but himself. 

Moving on, Price later said that Miguel matured. Miguel is the main character who joined Cobra Kai, which is about Johnny LaRusso and Johnny Lawrance who are now grown ups as they both run dojos. They also navigate adulthood with some long-time enemies.  but after seeing how it changed he made a decision to leave and do the right thing so all the trouble can finally stop. “Miguel, he never gave up even though some of his sensei’s methods were crazy, he still went along with it,” the anonymous fan said. “Also, he did not go back to his old dojo. He noticed everything that was going on and he wanted to change it.” 

SCREENRANT.com came up with a few other ideas about season 4. “One of the most popular theories is the return of Ali, Daniel’s love interest,” the site said.

Screenrant used fans’ theories to complete their thoughts. 

“In the final season of  season two, a close-up of Johnny’s phone shows that Ali had accepted his friend request on Facebook and sent a message. It was already revealed that Ali moved away and was working as a surgeon. So, it’s entirely possible that, in an effort to help Johnny (and Daniel), or even simply because of her unique skill set, she is called upon to save Miguel’s life.”  

Another theory that SCREENRANT.com has is that Johnny and Daniel will team up against Kreese, the former sensei of Johnny. 

“One theory that was pretty well proven to be true in the trailer is that Johnny won’t have to fight alone. If he is finally able to prove to Daniel and others that he truly wants to change his ways and inspire them not to berate kids, it’s possible that the pair could unite against a common  enemy. 

We are all eagerly waiting for a season 4 to see where all the family and love relationships will go, who fights who, who is on whose side, but most of all, where will the KARATE GO!