Meet Sam Perez


Photo credit: Sam Perez

Izaak Perez, OwlFeed Opinion Columnist

Meet Sam Perez, a freshman here at Agua Fria who has just started his first semester of journalism. Even though journalism was a backup class, he still hopes it will improve his writing skills and help him with future classes, we can’t wait to see what Sam has to offer in our OwlFeed family. 

Sam was born in Arizona and has lived in the same place since he was 6 years old. He is currently 14 and a freshman. Sam has three siblings and he’s the oldest of them all. At home, Sam has a lot of pets, he has 2 pitbulls and a husky. After college he plans on moving to the great state of Florida, the beautiful sunshine state.

When it comes to role models, Sam looks up to his dad. He is a very good man who cares about his family and is very hard working. He’s a wise thinker and a very calming person in times of trouble and is a good influence on Sam. Sam is shy, but he is always nice to people, and likes to help people with their problems because he’s a good listener and he helps them get through it, so I think he’s pretty chill.

Sam loves hard rock and black metal music and he also likes to listen to Joji when he is in more of a chill mood. Sam’s favorite songs from Joji are “Yeah Right,” “Wanted You,” “Pills,” and “Sanctuary.” He even gave me good songs to listen to and I love them. 

One of Sam’s new hobbies is painting! He actually just started to paint whatever he wants to because he is very artistic and his inspiration is art, he even joined art classes this year.

Though he likes any genre of show, his favorite show is Disenchantment because it’s about adventure and comedy. “My favorite movie has to be Little Monsters,” said Sam.

 It is a privilege to have Sam Perez on the Owlfeed team. We’re excited to see the work he can do.