Meet Izaak Perez


Photo credit: Izaak Perez

Sam Perez , OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Izaak Perez is a junior at Agua Fria and also an opinion columnist for OwlFeed. 

Izaak was born and raised in Sun City West in Arizona and plans on never moving. He is the oldest out of one child. He has a dog named Dixie, a 4-year-old Boxer breed who he’s had since he was in 8th grade.

Izaak enjoys being at Agua Fria because there’s a lot of chill people and usually a lot of them support different people there. 

When asked who he looked up to, he said, “I look up to my dad because he helps me with my future and I enjoy watching tv with him. I look up to my grandpa because he’s a hard worker and he cares for his family.”

Outside of school, Izaak works at the Luke Air Force Base as a bagger but does not enjoy working there because it’s a government place and they don’t pay him as much. He’s looking for a new job certainly. 

His dream job is to be a pilot. He likes being in planes and he also wants to fly helicopters for the military. 

When Izaak feels low he watches his favorite TV show called “The Big Bang Theory,” which he says always cracks him up. He enjoys talking to his friends on the phone about random things. 

Izaak said if he could describe his life in one word, it would be “hardship.” 

“There’s a lot for me to figure out about myself and I can’t figure myself out,” he said. Izaak has a hard time figuring things out about himself a lot. 

After high school, Izaak plans on going to ASU and get his engineering degree later in the future. 

Izaak tries to be himself but he said he’s a mix of people in his life. He says other people couldn’t really figure out what kind of person he is, but it depends on his mood. 

If Izaak had the chance to give advice to his past freshman self, he said, “I would tell myself to be myself no matter what cause I shouldn’t look at other people and feel jealous.” Izaak’s biggest regret in his freshmen year was not planning out his life more because life would be easier if he was sure about things and not hesitant.