Meet Mrs. Chadwick

By Tess Morrow

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10426250_10204416197757557_3273757874444591484_nMeet Mrs. Christina Chadwick! She has been a part of Agua Fria High School for 10 years. She is currently teaching Honors English 2, and in previous years here, has taught regular English and creative writing. She also was a club sponsor for Link Crew for six years.

Mrs. Chadwick graduated from Grace Christian High School, and went to Glendale Community College and NAU.

One of the reasons that she decided to become an English teacher was because of her very influential English teacher that she had for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade. “She forced me to learn English, and then I realized I did it well,” Mrs. Chadwick said. “It made me find out that I wanted to be in a profession that helped people.”

Sports-wise at our school, Mrs. Chadwick has coached freshmen and JV volleyball for four years. She is not currently coaching volleyball this year, but plans to coach next school year.

Some of her favorite memories since working at Agua Fria include when she traveled to Havasu for the state playoffs for volleyball, and even though they lost, they had a great time at Baskin Robbins afterwards. Another great memory recently was when all of the teaching staff had an underground spirit week. Each department competed and the English teachers won!

One of the best experiences she has had at Agua Fria is attending her former student’s graduation. “I realize that what I did helped them graduate and move on,” she said.

Things that Mrs. Chadwick enjoys taking part in outside of school are spending time with her 2-year-old daughter Charolette, watching the widely popular TV show The Walking Dead, reading, and doing outdoor activities such as camping and hiking with her family.

When asked what she thinks it means to be an Owl, Mrs. Chadwick replied, “Somebody who strives to be the best at what they do.”
“I adore working here, and the staff and the student population,” she continued. “We generally have kids who respect and embrace one another.”